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Texas 2-Tegzas 2 Iranian Comedy

Texas 2 The Sequel of the Iranian comedyTexas 2 is the type of Iranian films that can reach to the second or third episode. There are obvious similarities between all of those films. These films are full of erotic jokes and based on two fool characters. Another factor that can increase the number of sold tickets is using political...

Zhene Khook Persian Movie (Pig’s Gene)

Saeed Soheili and His WorkFrom the very beginning of his filmmaking Saeed Soheili showed that the pulse of the spectator was known and could make general-purpose films and sell them. He tried to leave that field and began to make films in the sacred defense genre. But after making several works, he again turned to comedy films. Soheili was...

Iranian Movie Chahar Angosht

film 4 angosht
"Chahar Angosht" Is Just an Ordinary Iranian Comedy Movie"Chahar Angosht" is about traveling to a groom one of the statesmen in Cambodia and then in Thailand, and his advisor is on his journey. Hamed Mohammadi, after making oxidants, has also made another comedy film produced by Korea. He is very young in iranian comedy movies genres. The successful comedy...

Metri Shisho Nim Iranian Movie

metri shisho nim
Take a Movie Metri Shisho Nim Very SeriousSaeed Roustai after making the film Metri shisho nim, was able to create a name in our country's cinema. The villager was able to prove that he knows both the cinema and the screen wring by making his first film as director. Previously he was assistant director in the cinema. This particular...

Rahman 1400 Film Farsi

Rahman 1400 film irani jadid
Rahman 1400 Film Farsi Worth Your Time or Not?Criticism of the film "Rahman 1400"Rahman 1400 is now in the cinemas. It's a seamless blend of vulgarity. The popularity of Rahman 1400  made Iranian cinema to show off.  It was welcomed by the Iranian audience. In fact, over the past few years, Iranian cinema was a sex trailer of comedy,...

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