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Film Dokhtare Sheytan

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Dokhtare Sheytan is the story of one of Evil’s children. Not wanting to continue the mischievous way her dad lived. Evil’s daughter (Esha Gopta) step on earth to seek out an innocent human(Hamid FarokhNezhad). In order to kneel in front of God so can forgive her sins.
After Salam Bambeai (Hello Bombay), Dokhtare Sheytan is the second cooperation between Iranian cinema and Bollywood.

Danlode dokhtare sheytan

This movie is written and directed by Ghorban MohamadPour. After 2 years of waiting, it will be released in a few days.
They say that half of the movie is sponsored by the Indian cinema, Bollywood.

About the film

The Dokhtare Sheytan is the second film of Iran and India. It is also the second director of the movie, Hi Mumbai, Gurban Mohammadpour.

Contrary to “Hello Mumbai 2”. The film director announced the release of a new film with a summary of the story and its actors.

Synopsis of the Dokhtare Sheytan

The story is about one of Dokhtare Sheytan (Esha Gupta). She who does not want to continue his father’s way, but wants to apologize. As a result of this movie, God promises to accept this girl’s repentance. The rules for accepting the repentant Dokhtare Sheytan is to obey to an innocent person.

Therefore, the girl follows an innocent person to comply with this condition …

All actors

Hamid Farrokhnejad, Jackie Shrove, Meshkarrot Simon, Golshuk Grover, Isha Root, Fardin Hafizai and Mohammad Reza Sharifinia

Review Dokhtare sheytan

The actress is the first one to watch the scene of the movie “Jesus Christ”; the women are taking the adultery for stoning. Christ says someone stones that they doing sins … all the stones lay; everyone is a sinner! The movie Dokhtare sheytan at the very beginning is pretty good.

In total, the film is a very poor copy of the movie “The Devil’s Attorney”, produced in 1997 in Hollywood. Similarly, Hollywood roles in the film in accordance with them also tell the story.


The SImilarity to the Movie Hello Mumbai

Dokhtare Sheytan has pursued a massive cultural breakthrough strategy and unwanted pursuit.

Dokhtate sheytan

Political Elements in the movie

In another part of the film, Farrokh Nejad on the laptop shows the images of the political and religious leaders of the world to  Dokhtare Sheytan, and  Dokhtare Sheytan speaks of their deviation. Pop, Tramp, and Netanyahu are among the people who show their camera. When the scene changes and the two actors and their laptops appear behind the scene, the other two will be judged, one of which will work with the humorous piece of Ahmadinejad’s third-millennium miracle. certainly, Nobody can determine the nature of other people at all! That this could be a special piece of the film!

Dokhtate sheytan

Stop playing the movie in Qom

Quran Mohammadpour, the director of Dokhtare Sheytan, wrote about the failure to publish his film in Qom. “What was Dokhtare Sheytan that you did not allow to be released in Qom?”

Dokhtare Sheytan must prostrate to an innocent person for admission. He turns to a Muslim, a Christian, a Hindu, and a Jew. But among them, they can not find innocent people. Perhaps the reason was not to allow this film to be released in Qom.

After accepting the “Hello Mumbai” movie, they decided to make the movie the second part of the film. But in the end, Mumbai’s second part turned into a movie with new actors, titledDokhtare Sheytan
Most of the film was made in India. Hamid Farrokhnejad, Isha Gupta, Jackie Shrove,  Glasgrow Grover, Samiran Meshkarrot and Mohammad Reza Sharifinia featured in the fil.
Dokhtare sheytan’s name Babylonian, who decides to separate her path from her father and must prostrate to a righteous man. She goes to Farhad (Hamid Farrokhnejad) to find such a person who is so drowned in sin.  Eventually, things will come to Farhad that goes back to its past, and Lebanon prostrates in front of him.
Cinematic film making is not an easy task. It can be filmed in Ghazali Cinema, Hollywood, or anywhere in the world, but one can use the actor who won the Crystal Simorgh Film Festival Fajr Film Festival, the Eid al-Fitr show cannot be filmed.
Dokhtate sheytan

Negative Cyber-Propaganda

This bad sale has nothing to do with the negative cyber-propaganda and Instagram robots and the opposing currents of the director and producer and opening mafia, and the negative propaganda is in the Dokhtare Sheytan.
Dokhtare Sheytan wants to sell with the margins and advertising, but the boundaries they have chosen are clearly not selling. Most of the other films sell and sell advertisements. Almost everyone.’
But the difference is that they are using at least the edge of the day, not the devious solutions that no longer have any value to anyone.
Iranian cinema audiences have not seen any models, nor have they seen the Indian movie. They would definitely choose a better ban if they were to choose one for vulgar films. They’ve done that too. We are all together, with all his generation, and with all his film, and with all his throbbing, he is still 100 yards ahead Dokhtare Sheytan.
The amount of tasting spent on this film is amazing. The amount of listeners’ insensitivity to this video is unrivaled. The viewer will not trust his eyes, seeing the bad effects of them.
Also, special effects, because he has not seen such poor performance for a long time.

Special Effects

There are also no special effects in short student films, and of course, this does not have much to do with the designer of the film. What is clear is the unconsciousness and insignificance of the mindset of the audience in the director’s mind.
Undoubtedly responsible for the special effects if he had more time and more facilities, and if he felt pressure from the director, he would deliver better.
Dokhtare Sheytan can be considered one of the worst and most worthless films made in recent years. Apart from the superficiality of children’s script, it’s unbelievable to use the tastes of the same title in the film’s making.
Above all the use of special effects in a plan in front of the car (and sometimes from the side) is not justified by any logic, and the continuous use of it, in the same title that can be filled with other plans, is inconceivable.
Is it not ugly for a film that claims to have a great deal of collaboration between Iran’s cinema and Hollywood, when its main actress tells a dialog during the Persian filmmaking and later dubbed it? Is not it really a great actor and dear one can not have a simple English dialogue?

The audience of Iranian cinema

How long do our graduates want to keep up their progress? How long should we look at repetitive figures and roles in all the films and not add a new face to the closed society of Iranian cinema actors. Why do not you ever go to any of the annual graduates of the country’s art academies? Just because their race is not Farrokh.h
Comedy films in Iran and action films and Marvel comics in other parts of the world have always been and will always be the most popular films. The principle of hobby and laughing at the cinema audience is quite understandable and requires the right of cinema audiences.
Iran’s cinema audiences are also generally welcoming commercial cinema and selling cinemas as evidence of this. But this does not mean that they are dumbfounded. The fringe, glamor, propaganda, and so on … are important criteria for selling films, but none of them dishonor audiences.
The makers of the Dkhtare sheytan have taken their audience into foolishness, and their non-distribution of movies is the best answer they make. The film’s audience in Iran, the bad films we see all, see the comedy of a thousand feet, but on the other hand, they are welcomed by the sixth and a half Indians and the night that finished the moon.
The defeat of Dokhtare Sheytan film is the result of the cinema of Iranian friends and is an
important lesson for anyone who wants to sell the movie.