Download GHONCHEHAYE ZAKHMI 386 | غنچه های زخمی 386

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Download GHONCHEHAYE ZAKHMI 386 | غنچه های زخمی 386

غنچه های زخمی 386

غنچه های زخمی 386

Ece Seçkin has taken the reaction of his mother with his last photo from Instagram account. Mother’s motion of his daughter’s middle finger share Instagram account that saw his mother Lale Seçkin, “Movement is a shame, delete immediately,” he reacted.

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Famous singer Ece Seçkin shared his photo from his Instagram account. Following his daughter on Instagram, Lale fell into a photo showing her daughter doing a hand gesture similar to Hadise’s. Seçkin answered his mother, “Anneee.

The Havran cave in Balıkesir draws attention with its alleged human bones around and around it. In particular, rumors that the shepherd who followed the sheep and sheep entering the cave did not come back, led the public to believe that he was a man-eating monster inside the cave.

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The East State Penitentiary, known as the “homeland of souls that did not find peace,” witnessed the death of some 1,200 prisoners between 1940 and 1970 for different reasons. The prison was closed on the grounds that ghosts were seen after 1970.


The building in America was used as a slaughterhouse in the 1850s. In the basement of the building, which is also said to host the rites of Satanists, it is believed to be a gateway to hell. It is also among the other legends that satanists use people not only animals but occasionally in their rituals.

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Poveglia Island, which was found in Italy, was an island where the victims were exiled in the 1800s. The doctors, who had a mental breakdown in the face of what they saw, threw themselves down from the tower on the island. The doctors who commit suicide are believed to curs the island.

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