Film irani Ma Hame Ba Ham Hastim

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About the director Kamal Tabrizi

He was Born in Tehran in 1338. He is one of the most well-known directors after the Islamic Revolution in Iran. Famous works by Kamal Tabrizi include comic books such as “Lily with Me” and “Lizard”. Among which “Lizard” is his most successful and most cinematic work.

film Irani Ma Hame Ba Ham Hastim

The latest effect of Tabriz’s perfection is an example of cinematic failure. Where the reasons for making a film is something other than the film’s concern. And with the use of a mass of stars of recent years in Iranian cinema. It would require the presence of famous actors in it. But weirdly, film Irani Ma Hame Ba Ham Hastim, even in the most insignificant role played by many well-known actors.

Film Irani Ma Hame Ba Ham Hastim

The story happens on a plane. On the return journey where there are people, who do not want to destroy the plane! The political references of Kamal Tabrizi here, are so pervading that the audience can hardly understand the codes in the film properly. He should also consider the best possible language for presenting the message to the audience.  Film Irani Ma Hame Ba Ham Hastim is full of strange and bizarre dialogues that are quite annoying to endure on the screen. Some other interesting Iranian Movies are Rahman 1400, Shabi Ke Mah Kamel Shod, Texas 2, Zhene Khook, Metri Shisho Nim. You can also watch Iranian movies online.


In this persian film, all the characters are obvious, and of course, we do not have a clever person. IN film Irani Ma Hame Ba Ham Hastim the set of characters in the film are brilliants. They are supposed to seduce audiences in the context of a comedy. But the details of the screenplay are so catastrophic that it’s hardly possible to have a funny joke. The jokes are often nasty and loose, and a huge part of the problem is due to the mistaken character of the film. On the basis of which there is absolutely no personality so that it can create a speech or a situation that is funny. They die for strange reasons, and they suddenly change colors, but they intend to continue their lives! Throughout the festival, the contradictions occur, instantly with two dialogues, romantic! In one word, the screenplay is a failure.

The importance of “Ma Hame Ba Ham Hastim”

But the importance of film Irani Ma Hame Ba Ham Hastim was the look of the perfection of Tabrizi to the subject. After the construction of the Lizard, Tabrizi has never been bold in entering social and political criticism in cinematic affairs. And most of his videos are so much controlled and neutralized that they are easily out of focus. His previous work, called “Marmos”, despite his gesture of protest, was a totally ineffective and neutral act. He even dared not approach the subject he chose. Now, in “everyone is together”, this situation has been repeated in another way. Here, too, the filmmaker did not intend to highlight his political and social criticisms. And thus, by twisting the positions and dialogues, they changed the color and the principle of the way. These signs are completely dead and completely Values ​​ invalid.

The metaphors in the story

In the film Irani Ma Hame Ba Ham Hastim, we see the presence of a magistrate whose philosophy is in the strange film is dumb. Even at the end of the story, further detailing added to the threats of more work. Of course, Tabrizi’s motives are obvious. By depicting travelers who land in the Persian Gulf, and probably die, and set out several different analyzes about it.

film Irani Ma Hame Ba Ham Hastim

But the main problem of the story of film Irani Ma Hame Ba Ham Hastim is that opposite to the principles of all metaphoric works. It intends to convey their own conception (see the film “Aaronofsky’s mother”: metaphoric from the beginning to the end). Where the filmmaker’s position is not clear at all. And he does not know that his position is set as a filmmaker.

Is people’s protest as strange as they are in the Iranian film? Or people sitting in a plane and living up to a hopeless moment don’t have wisdom? Or ultimately, an album that does not know what it is like, but they want to associate the story of a fall to its performance!

Political Messages in Comedy

Perhaps, if the script was more precise we could easily say that film Irani Ma Hame Ba Ham Hastim is good work. But the effect both of presenting social and political messages in comedy, full-fledged performances attended almost all stars of recent Years Have Cinema in Iran, which featured for the most simple and most important roles possible in this work. A film Irani Jadid who wants to talk, but it turns the word that loses its core, and it’s limited to dumb words that can not even flip over to the mind of the audience. In this situation, the film turns into a piece of sexual words, and who is better than Javad Ezzati to present it?

film Irani Ma Hame Ba Ham Hastim

Director: Kamal Tabrizi                                                                                          Script: Mohammad Davoodi, Pedram Amiri, Hossein Amiri Domani                          Producer: Reza Mirkarimi                                                                                                Cast :Pejman Jamshidi-Leila, Hatami-Mehran, Modiri-Javad, Ezati-Real mani