Film Irani Sorkhpust (Warden)

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Film Irani Sorkhpust

The film Irani Sorkhpust is the second film by Nima Javidi. Played by Navid Mohammadzadeh, Prince Izadiyar. It got a Star Passion in the fifty-seventh Fajr Film Festival. We took a look at the film.

After making his first film, Melbourne, with 5 years of age, Nima Javidi has presented a new film. He wanted to prove to everyone that it’s possible to create a film that defines its chords healthy and attractive. And does not lose its audience. The film “Red” from this perspective is a very important film. It can offer a new model to Iran’s cinema today. Films of seemingly social concern are not telling stories. We were sad that the watching of the Indians reminded us of what the storyline really needs to be. And how much it should be. This kind of storytelling is empty.

film Irani Sorkhpust

The Script and The Story of sorkhpoost

When the script is good and coherent, from director to actor and designer, everyone understands their role and each one adds something to the film. Just pay attention to the spaceflight of the first plan. The decor group designed a prisoner for us. Which introduces Javidi at the beginning of the film Irani Sorkhpust as well as the geographic location inside and outside. A special location that once we remembered the movie after watching. That prison is completely embodied in our minds and well remembered the spaces inside it. Eye-catching Holman Behmanesh imaging with the creation of cold-colored images is perfectly in the service of a jail evacuated.

film Irani Sorkhpust

It is natural when a screenwriter turns to a storyteller into his own. And does not follow the stereotypical and proven patterns before. In the role of the prose is Nawid Mohammad Zadeh, who can fully reveal his new abilities.

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The Character of the Captain

Mohamed Zadeh shows that his power is beyond the scope of a completely free play. And he can prove himself as a fully controlled gameplay-oriented introverted captain. It is not unreasonable to say that the repetition of an actress’s play of uniformity and the similarity of written scripts also arises. It also helped to make good music videos. Ramin Kousha‘s music is not to fill the script’s gaps or over-excitement.

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Precisely helps in the mysterious space of the film Irani Sorkhpust reminds us every time about a new chapter of the story. Do not miss watching the Indian film, which will give you an enjoyable experience in the cinema. Continue to check out more trailers and videos of film irani jadid Ma Hame Ba Ham Hastim

The contrast between the two characters

The film begins after its original spatial development, and the audience fully knows what clue it should follow. Major Nemat Jahed (Navid Mohammadzadeh), who managed to handle his jail, got promotion and became the mayor of the city. But during the transfer to another prison,  one of the prisoners disappears.

film Irani Sorkhpust

The concurrence of the news of the escape of one of the prisoners makes it possible for us to enter the world of Iranian movie Sorkhpoost to see Major Jahed with the situation in which he is stationed. His calm and serious character, along with his intelligence, makes his pursuit attractive to us. Not only the great but captive prisoner of his rival, Ahmad the Reds, although we do not see him, introduced to intelligent people, and it seems a difficult task for Maj. Gen to capture him. The contrast between the two characters makes it difficult for us to stay in touch with the film and always expect unexpected losses from each other.

The Storyline of film Irani Sorkhpust

Meanwhile, the character of the worker (Prince Izadiyar) appears in the story process so that we, with his presence, get information about the seemingly innocent Indian past, and also the inner contradiction of the Major’s personality. Major, while apparently having a bad personality and a nervous character, provokes his emotional face in opposition to the worker. Similarly, the two paths ahead of him also trigger the insistence of a worker on the abandonment of the Indian. The Major must either deliver the Indian at any cost and gain his new position, or turn to his own humanity and free him from the innocent person. This makes the audience to continue watching the movie and follow the lead on the path to the choice between the two.

film Irani Sorkhpust

In an important sequence of persiman film Sorkhpust, we see Ahmed’s girlfriend getting reddened and finds her Major in one of the prison cells. The Major suddenly cries with a cry to confess the girl who, at one moment, realizes her abusive action. It seems as if there is a contradiction in the presence of a Major who is constantly getting older.

The Contradiction Between Conscious and Unconscious

The contradiction between conscious and unconscious of his personality. He apparently wants to get the Indian as much as possible. But as time passes, his unconscious human face becomes more and more alert. Shortly thereafter, in this sequence, he is suddenly imprisoned by the Major. This closure in addition to creating a sense of captivity for a moment in the presence of Major instills a sense of the presence of Ahmad Red in outer space. It’s as if we do not see the Indians, but he is everywhere.

Javidi has multiplied the character by choosing not to display the Indian in the last minute. So, when on the floor of the Long Shot, the Major falls in the empty space of the prison corridor. We see our full dedication in this direction, and this question constantly permeates our minds whether it succeeds?

Indian Action

The filmmaker plans the whole film. And we expect him to look for the Indian in an action that is heavier than his predecessor. The actions of the last thirty minutes lead us to think that the Major has come to a madman. He maybe doesn’t consider his position, but just and only think of the Indian. As if he did not get him, he would not calm down. In the final chapter of the film Irani Sorkhpust, Major is decoding from a single post. And digging the Indian in a chest, once again the filmmaker changes his point of view. And we go inside the Indian Aphrodite body, which we only knew from other people.

film Irani Sorkhpust

Now we look at the crazy face of Major Jahed. He breathes for a moment and looks good in the form of a redhead that was a salvaged lifeblood with his hide. When you watch the Iranian movies online their quality is not very good. Of course, we can’t say this about Iranian comedy Texas 2.

It seems as if the greatness that the Major had to gain from the Indian was falling. Ultimately, the Major decides to abandon the Indians. A decision that somehow could depict in a better run. Especially that Major goes to the helper very soon, and maybe he will take a bit of an interest in this action. However, with this end, the movie also introduces its own hero and puts it at a good end. Losing something and getting something else … I hope that the Red Light will illuminate this storytelling style in Iranian cinema.