Iranian Movie Chahar Angosht

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“Chahar Angosht” Is Just an Ordinary Iranian Comedy Movie

Chahar Angosht” is about traveling to a groom one of the statesmen in Cambodia and then in Thailand, and his advisor is on his journey. Hamed Mohammadi, after making oxidants, has also made another comedy film produced by Korea. He is very young in iranian comedy movies genres. The successful comedy couple of his previous film in his new work. Amir Jafari and Jawad Ezati are in the main role. There is a good chemistry between the two actors. Mohammadi created another combination of the couple in the Quarantined Quarantine. And this time, instead of showing his father, Manouchehr Mohammadi, in the role of the producer, he has provided the platform for production to Hamid.

FILM Chahar Angosht

The Production Of Chahar Angosht

Hameed Pandashed had produced Ms. Yaya’s film for the fourth time. And since both films are made in Thailand. He seems to have good relations with the Thai! But apart from this, due to the lack of audience acceptance of Yaya’s film. The name “Chahar Anghosht” has not been considered and the subject of the trip to Thailand. its not the first time they put ridiculous name for persian film. just while ago there was a film made by saeid roustaei and the name of the film was “Metri shisho nim” which in English means 6.5 meter.

Some people are afraid that they will not come back with an indelible film like Ms. Yaya? The answer to the question is that the “Chahar Angosht” does not relate to the gesture. The subject and the form of Ms. Yaya, and exactly the way that some of the comedy films go today: joking with the red lines and putting a person (preferably the religious man who is related to the body of the sovereign), along with this lines.

The quartet is featured with a label of over twelve years. And the sexual jokes and cases of the film do not come to work like Rahman 1400. Also, the play of the two main actors are well-considered.

movie Chahar Angosht

Iranian men in Thailand

The weakness of the farsi movie “chahar angosht” back to the stereotypical screenplay. Of course “Chahar Angosht” is a comedy, but ultimately, there may not be a lot of funny scenes. The only thing that can make the audience to endure the film is the good chemistry and strong play between the two main actors.

film irani Chahar Angosht

That Iranian filmmakers realized that a joke about a trip of Iranian men to Thailand and Pattaya could be a literal subject. But the problem here is that the red lines in our culture and cinema are so high that in no way can a movie Comedy to Thailand. There are such comedy films in Hollywood’s unconventional cinema. And they are certainly successful (such as the Euro Trip movie). But we all know that the subject of travel to Thailand is close to auditing. And it’s not possible in the Iranian cinema to The audits are correct.

The bitter fact about Chahar Angosht

The insistence of Iranian filmmakers to make such a subject is inconceivable to me. And maybe it’s not bad to kiss and quit the subject after the failure of movies such as Ms. Yaya and the same quartet. There were also works in which there was a lot of joy. Although none of them succeeded. And they were far more impressive than those of Ms. Yaya and her four-legged actors, both in front of the audience and in the box office.

Film Irani Jadid Chahar Angosht

A religious man who intends to participate in the upcoming parliamentary election also tells his family and friends that he is on his way to Mecca. And then goes to Cambodia with his adviser to visit his temporary wife.. In Cambodia, he finds out that his Asian woman made an arranged for him in Thailand. And that she has a permanent marriage with an American. He travels to Thailand with his advisor to find his wife and he is facing a lot of things on the trip. Those who have not escaped the self-cursor blade, and eventually ended up in Thailand’s zoo and temples.

film jadid Chahar Angosht

The filming of Persian movies “Chahar Angosht”  is extremely weak. And unfortunately the cinematographer couldn’t capture the beautiful Thailand landscapes. Of course, the problem of self-censorship effected the tiled frames. Instead, we have good music. It is perfectly compatible with the rhythm and story of the film. And can make the audience thrilled. The music section is so strong and well-worked. The video of the soundtrack is well made, I would say better then the film itself. The titles of the film alone are more attractive than the whole 90 minutes of the movie!

The quartet is a grave recapture for Hamid Mohammadi and can’t be like an oxidation iranian comedy movies at all. Mohammadi involved with red lines in his four-legged hands, who don’t know what to do in this mosquito, which makes them the most ridiculous and unbelievable jokes. In my opinion, he should be the champion of having Amir Jafari and Javad Ezzati in “Chahar Angosht” because without the presence of these two people, the grandparents have practically nothing to say.