Metri Shisho Nim Iranian Movie

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 Take a Movie Metri Shisho Nim Very Serious

Saeed Roustai after making the film Metri shisho nim, was able to create a name in our country’s cinema. The villager was able to prove that he knows both the cinema and the screen wring by making his first film as director. Previously he was assistant director in the cinema. This particular Iranian film became one of the best-selling films of the year after Rahman 1400 and Chahar Angosht. It received positive feedback from critics and audiences. After the release of the film, he looked at Saeed Rustani to know what he was looking for in his next move. Eventually Metri Shisho Nim the name of his next project announced. The film that was roughly the same with eternal and one-day agents Been.

Metri Shisho Nim Iranian Movie

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Metri Shisho Nim movie criticism

The producers believed in selling the movie Saeed Roustai. This time he got more money. And the amount of 8 billion dollar was for film production. The process of making the film involved a lot of news streams. It was even controversial either to reach or not to the festival. The highlights of the movie, metri shisho nim, and the previous success of the director. Most importantly, the strong film player all contributed to it in a strong news stream and welcomed by the audience thirty-seventh Fajr Film Festival.

The discontinuation of the film on the first days was  not allowed to be released due to the fact that it was hubby among the crowd of spectators. So these days, if the series goes to any of the broadcasting venues the Movie will meet the long lines of fans. But the Metri shisho nim do you really value this volume of excitement and passion?

The challenge of iran filmeri

The start of the movie’s pounder, it can be regarded as a very short film. You expect to see a strong cinematic film, but unfortunately it’s not. Said Roustati’s new film still looks at the problem of addiction, but this barnyard is in the form of a family story but in the form of a little drummer’s movie. The Metri shisho nim narrator is a group of anti-drug police in an individual who’s name is Samad. He is in search of a massive drug dealer in the capital. The name of this dealer is Nasser Khankabaz. And these days anyone who is arrested by their team has a head tied to the dump truck. The son of Samad’s counterpart was also kidnapped by a clammy cell and then murdered . For this reason, members of the drug police are thirsty to find a sandbox.

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The Storyline of Metri Shisho Nim

The team finds out a lot of clues from the dump truck after searching for it. And can talk to several retailers, and threatened them with a promise of reducing their crime. Asking them to assist them in arresting the dump truck. Police are moving closer to the bottom of their search for more and more. And little by little, the identity of this large drug dealer, who has a large kitchen (large manufacturing site) in Tehran.

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Unlike his predecessor, Saeed Rustani made a story without complexity and its something very nice in Iranian movies cinema. And in fact one can define it all in the same way: the story of a police team looking for a drug dealer. Nasser Khakbase, who is known as this great vendor, does not have a mid-thirty third of the movie in person. And after appearing in the film, is not what the audience previously had for the hype.

The audience has some imagination of the character of the sandstone. One that he has a negative role to be ruthless and cruel, and that he can continue to play the cats and the cats, and that the filmmaker can make him an anti-hero. The villagers tend to be more inclined to the second but can not create a proper anti-hero. And treat him from the soil, and while he puts all of his strength on our hearts. The spectator does not seem to be in any form whatsoever.

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Six-and-a-half yards movie criticism

Despite the fact that Navid Mohammadzadeh is a good actor and cleverly playing the role of a podcast, he can’t polish this character and make him a brigade. When the head of police talks about the mood of this seller of materials, this woman presents the moral features of the truck to the police. Nawid Mohammadzadeh has a good game, but the character who has been written for him has no depth. And the screenwriter (Saeed Roustayi) can not turn his character into a lasting character. The same thing happens for other characters in the film, and Samad’s character remains as a card character; a card character, which, however, has a good match with Maadi.

The Characters of Metri Shisho Nim

The characters of the film, the good guys and the guilty, are not memorable. And the film’s story goes down after arresting the rock bunker rather than entering a new phase of emotion. The film becomes weak by the arrival of its third middle. And the director has nothing to say, except to implement a series of good-sounding slogans and melodious music on Navid Mohammadzadeh to watch his film. The new characters brought to the film are not attractive, and the film is ripe in these scenes. Upon arriving at the end of the third half, the filmmaker will not be able to do anything. And will give a series of good subjects and finish the film with a bad ending.

Saeed Roustai, from a technical point of view in his film, has nothing to lose, he picks up the best picture frames to portray his story, and has carried on thousands of addicts who brought together on stage each day with the film crew. Working with this volume of real drug addicts has been a hardship that the team has come up with well. Filming and compilation of the perfect film and the music for each single scene, the atmosphere of that sequence doubles.

The Style of the Author

In fact, the new film, Saeed Roustai, would not be as weak as a strong film-maker (Noid Mohammadzadeh, Peyman Maadi, Prince Izadiyar, Farhad Aslani, etc.), but despite strong cast, Blind and protect your cardboard characters and survive the deadlock. The Metri shishonim scale is a great success for the director. He has been able to create a lifetime and one day job in his first directing work. And the village must work harder and more for the future of its cinematic career, forever and once a day.

Does not happen. He was the one who created a cinematic stream in his country by making his film, which, of course, did not have strong followers. But in any case the founder was a brainchild, and now that he has decided to separate himself from the shadow of his own current. And with Changing the genre changes its direction, ruined the work.

The metri shisho nim year was the most disappointing Fajr festival this year, because we expected another to have another masterpiece, but we face a movie that is, in its best, a normal performance, which is also a great match for its players.

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