“Ocean’s Eight” -The New Film of the Feminist Era

On June 5, the film “Ocean’s Eight” was released in New York. It became the spin-off of Steven Soderbergh’s original trilogy. The picture got rather ambiguous reviews.

"Ocean's Eight" -The New Film of the Feminist Era

Then Tendency of Spin-offs

Back in the 1960’s, the film “Ocean’s Eleven” directed by Lewis Millstone, starring Frank Sinatra and Shirley MacLaine was on screens of the cinemas. The gangster comedy was about how a group of eleven paratrooper veterans develops and implements a casino robbery plan. In 2001, director Steven Soderberg decided to make a remake, the modern “Ocean’s Eleven”, and then two sequels. Times have changed. And in Hollywood, the era of feminism has come. Today, everyone is shooting spin-offs with girls in the lead roles. Now in “Ocean’ Eight” instead of there are girlfriends.

The tendency of the spin-offs with women in the lead roles was born not so long ago. However, in recent years, several spin-offs pictures have already been presented to the audience. For example, two years ago, the new “Ghostbusters” were released. However, the film did not met the expectations of the audience. In the US, the picture did not even beat off the budget. Did the creators of “Ocean’s Eight” catch the viewers’ imagination.

The Plot

Eleven years passed since the adventures of Danny and his companions. The main character of the trilogy, who was alive at the end of the last part, passed away. Now Ocean’s younger sister, Debbie, is in charge of the criminal affairs. Danny’s successor, played by Sandra Bullock, is released from prison early, after serving a total of five years, eight months and twelve days. Debbie spent a five-year behind bars for a reason – a whole plan came up with how to steal an exclusive “Toussaint” necklace worth $ 150 million. Ocean plans to remove the necklace from the neck of a famous actress at the Met Gala charity ball.

"Ocean's Eight" -The New Film of the Feminist Era

The only thing is that they need to get the her to wear this necklace, make a duplicate of it, get to the ball, hack a couple of security systems and steal the jewelry. Easy-Peasy! Debbie gathers a team of girlfriends and takes on the implementation of the plan. Then everything goes like clockwork. Eight diverse characters with incredible ease and grace cranking up a large scam. And only the French Cartier jewelry and watch house suffers from this.

The Cast

To begin, pay attention to the cast. In addition to the main character Sandra Bullock played also Kate Blanchett, Helena Bonem Carter, Anne Hathaway, Rihanna, Sarah Paulson, Mindy Kaling and Awkwafina.

"Ocean's Eight" -The New Film of the Feminist Era

All the characters turned out to be unique, each of them have their own complete image and their own zest. In addition to those celebrities they also invited Anna Wintour, Dakota Fanning, Kim Kardashian, Maria Sharapova for extras. With all this diversity of female types, the only significant man in the film is the art dealer Claude Becker (Richard Armitage). Because of him Debbie was in prison. So you thought they are just stealing jewelry here? So no, they are planning a revenge.

The Similarities

There is no need to talking about the originality of the film. Here everything is absurdly banal and predictable. However,the film is pleasant. Moreover, the picture was much more lucky  than the same “Ghost busters.” Despite its secondary nature, the film did its job quite well. In addition to the excellent cast, rather dynamic plot, humor, interesting editing techniques, and a suitable color solution are a plus. However Ocean’s Eight” have enough problem.

"Ocean's Eight" -The New Film of the Feminist Era

The biggest problems are some moments, which don’t fit with the general tone of the story. Including the ninth friend, played by Rihanna. The hacker with dreadlocks looks like a character from the comedy films of the 90’s about the “black” ghettos. There is a lots of Similar elements in the film. In a strange way, the picture in which the idea of ​​fighting stereotypes was originally incorporated, bears in itself a huge number of similar elements. Another major complaint is related to the structure of the story. While watching, sometimes you think that some moments can be safely be removed. The film become better, and the audience will not be confused.

The Girl Comedy

In general, the “girl” comedy became rather curious summer spin-off. Many critics criticize “Ocean’s Eight” for the fact that it repeats the plot of the trilogy too much. It’s hard not to agree with this, some of the scenes were filmed as a carbon copy, only the characters changed. First gathers the team, then there is a preparation for the theft, the crime itself and the disclosure of details. This is perhaps the most stylish robbery of all. Therefore, if you want to see an easy and beautiful comedy-crime film, then it is definitely worth going. But do not expect something deep and meaningful.


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