Organize Işler 2 (Money Trap 2)

The Sequel to Organize Işler

Organize İşler 2 is the sequel of already well-known comedy which released 4th January. The first part of the movie released on December 22 of 2005. Later on, Organize Işler 1 appeared on Netflix.

Organize Isler 2

In Organize Işler 2 the adventures continue. Asim Noyan with his gang makes the same fraud. Asim’s daughter, who had grown up asked him to drop his affairs. He doesn’t agree, until one time his daughter is defrauded. Then Asim organizes a fraud for the people who have done it to his daughter.

Organize Işler has a very wide cast including Yılmaz Erdoğan, Asım Noyan, Ata Demirer, Ekin Türkmen, Bensu Soral, Demet Evgar, Ezgi Mola, Okan Çabalar, Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ. The release date is January 4, 2019. With this cast, it’s obvious that the movie is going to be first in the box office.

You can watch  full trailer of the film here

Money Trap 2 Carp Spiral

Organized Işler 2 is about the adventures of Asim Noyan and his gang. Asim Noyan has been defrauding people with his lies and games. Asim Noyan and his gang and no one has managed to catch him. His caught on a piece of paper which they call the ”carp helix “. When somebody swildes the rookie king’s only daughter, Nazli, Asim Noyan and his team take action immediately. Although Nazli tries to dissuade her father, she finds herself in a carp spiral.

Organize Isler 2

Yılmaz Erdoğan, paid tribute to this replicant that he mentioned. Sometimes people can not understand that silence is a better approach. The artist must have a stance against life, even if that feeling is not direct; waist, the neck should be close to the barrier without bending at all; the opposite behavior, the person in the eyes of art lovers instantly beams!

After watching a very nice film, the second one does not taste like pumpkin but gives the taste of cucumber. Speaking of cucumbers, the words u people are changing, they become culminating. When his daughter answers to her father  “Leave these fraud jobs, I will only be your daughter”. … How can I change my daughter,  when this type of truth becomes a beautiful lie”. These words connect to the keychain of the movie.

“Father-Daughter” Topic

The year 2018 was full of father-son ın scenarios, “father-daughter” films began its production in 2019; He as a tattoo on his chest with the name of his daughter Nazil. He is the type of father who does not want his daughters to grow up. Why are the girls growing up? It is obvious that the father-daughter relationship is very different from the father-son relationship. While fathers often humiliate their sons, they crush them at every opportunity they find; relations with their daughters are just the opposite. They don’t put dust on them, they glorify them, they don’t deserve them, they shudder because they’re going to leave the house one day.

Organize Isler 2

The competition of cockroaches intrigued me more than racing cars chasing each other in action scenes. Playing a game developed in prison was too much for the enthusiasts to create excitement; it was unlikely that he would progress with rush steps as if he knew the cafard race. If Kafka had seen this beetle, he would have stepped out of his bed as a cockroach, another reptilian as an insect, much more skillful than Kafka’s cockroach.

Kivanc Tatlıtuğ, who played the role of Sarı Saruhan, displayed a playful, belly-heartedness, giggle, walnut cracking. This time Yılmaz Erdoğan exaggerated his performance. His role as a doctor and his role as Asim Noyan was both artificial and theatrical.

It is an Istanbul movie. From the girl tower to the Egyptian Bazaar, from Tahtakale to the Grand Bazaar and on the historical streets there are scenes that have contributed substantially to Istanbul tourism. Its music is already created in Istanbul.

Organize Işlser is a movie that can be watched just once.