Persian Movie Zahre mar | فیلم زهرمار

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Persian Movie Zahre Mar (Snakes Poison) is Directed by Javas Razavian who also played in many Television series

Persian Movie Zahre Mar


Javad Razavian: Popular and famous actor of Iranian television and cinema. In recent years he made comedy series, often the series produced by Mehran Modri ​​for television. Persian Movie Zahre Mar is the first feature film by Javad Razavian who has come to the cinema screenings

 Review of the Persian Movie Zahre Mar

The first film by Javad Razavian was made according to the formula. It is based on the most successful comedies of Iranian cinema in the past year. Namely the confrontation between the religious individual and the different contradictions created from such a situation. In recent years, there were many films that succeeded in such a formula. Among them is the “lizard”, considered the most successful. Now Jawad Razavian decided to go to a classmate to build his first Persian Movie Zahre Mar. And put him alongside a woman to sell commercials and issue social messages that failed in both of them

Persian Movie Zahre Mar

The Weakness of Characters

In Zohram’s works, there are several problems in directing and script. It seriously puts a question mark in the cinematic part of it. The first point about the screenplay is that there’s no personality to be created during the story. The main characters of Persian Movie Zahre Mar are independent of any prices. According to the situations encountered during the story, exhibit different behaviors. It doesn’t have any relation to the process of forming their personality from the beginning. The weakness of characters makes it so that even if  many of them don’t have the slightest difference in the story

Persian Movie Zahre Mar

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Social Issues

Jawad Razwian in the construction of Persian Movie Zahre Mar has a half look at social issues. He intends to convey his social and political messages alongside narrative comedy to the audience in the worst possible way. The set of situations that emerged in “Zaharmar” stems from the best social views. A society in which neither young people are present in the real world, nor the people depicted with our common definitions of the outside of what is real. In a nutshell, social messages are a cartoon of what should be seen in a cinematic film

 “Persian Movie Zahre Mar goes some way from the story to the same way. Massoud De Sami’s “scandal” is very similar to the film. In that film, we also saw a young clergyman and little girl who made speeches of inescapability, by reminding of their social problems. In fact Zoharm, the situation is similar. Throughout the story, we suddenly see the lectures of the grocery store. Which at the same time speaks of the community and its problems, and, as expected, suddenly and unreasonably, the color changes. On the other side, Haji is transformed by the appearance of a social dilemma! The film’s characters are the ones we can never find in the real world

Persian Movie Zahre Mar

Zahre Mare Cast

Among the cast, Persian Movie Zahre Mar is the only dew of the forefront, which, to a certain extent, has been able to play a good game in the role of Lily. Siamak Ansari, in the role of Haj Heshmat, has not been able to make a lot of shine in the film so that he cannot be laughing and not affect the audience with his words and serious behaviors. The collection of complementary film characters, including Siamak Safari and Barzo Arjmand, have not been featured in the film.


“Persian Movie Zahre Mar is considered to be the first directing experience of Jawad Razvian, and the initiator of the way to see whether it will bring joy to fate, or that the other comedians of the past few years will come to the cinema with such quality cinema and television. The future can not be said with certainty, but what is clear is that the “Zoharm” is a frustrating and very frustrating experience that can neither smile audiences nor affect the thoughts with repetitive political messages. So have it. Iran’s cinema seems to understand that today’s audience does not care much about the political messages they were given through cinema in the past decades, and during this time the language of the cinema has changed and its community Society is not past!