Raghs Roye Shishe 12 | سریال رقص روی شیشه قسمت دوازدهم

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serial raghs roye shishe part 12| سریال رقص روی شیشه قسمت دوازدهم

raghs roye shishe episode 12 | سریال رقص روی شیشه قسمت دوازدهم

Part 12 of the “raghs roye shishe” collection continued without any of the main characters, particularly Idris Malek. After the news that Amir Aghaee was released due to financial advancements, the “act of dancing on glass” remained in the absence of one of its main characters in the crisis.

The absence of Idris, in the dramatization of narrative and also remarkable reasoning, has actually developed openings and gaps that are not viable, and the established attempts to formalize the presence of this character in the narrative throughout the talks also can not make up for this.


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رقص روی شیشه قسمت دوازدهم

serial raghs roye shishe part 12

Nonetheless, “raghs roye shishe”, thanks to other personalities as well as their refined tales, is attempting to continue its story, and so far, there is no indicator that Idris has actually left the story, and also possibly in later phases, with the resolution of financial problems, Amir Aghaei Return to the cast. Part 12, as we stated, focuses on the primary personalities, concentrating on the lack of real estate, and the Lilly characters as well as Mir Khan Jalili, that are on a challenging course, play an important role. Lily, who is now expectant, is searching for a means to support her setting in the Jalili family members, and also may need to face the divine temple (star of Eskandari).

raghs rooye shishe episode 12
raghs rooye shishe episode 12

رقص روی شیشه قسمت 12

What is clear is that in future sections we see more activity from the character side of the narrator, and also his essential position as Mir Khan’s little girl and a better half of Idriss can be an attraction in the tale.

On the various other hand, the story of Rana and Yagmah continues, although in this area, Rana and Jagma do not focus the dramatization, but “Dancing on the Glass” will prompt pertained to them as well as involve the audience in a strange and uncommon game that will certainly make them both She swallowed himself.

Rana and also Yagmah, currently the chess pieces are much more effective as well as, without understanding, they have embeded their catches, as well as they should be assembled quickly. Let’s not forget that the major story of “raghs roye shishe” is the love journeys of Rana as well as Yagmah, and we can not expect the story to finish soon.


raghs roye shishe 12
raghs rooye shighe part 12

Raghs Roye Shishe Episode 12

Together with all these stories after the bloody clash of Siavash and also the sea with the Siavash’s shepherd. we see the sea in a dependency facility, which appears to have actually been overcome by the promise put down by Idriss. The sea, as a personality who existed at the very same time as Rana, did not straight affect the advancement of the story, says for the very first time that he is feeling his internal insecurity as well as solitude.


Although the pain, as well as hearts of the sea, now have no shear in the story, it appears that his personality together with Siavash.two young addicts that are entraped in addiction, is a director’s point of view to psychoanalysis and analysis of these 2 actions from the viewpoint of the family members and social connections Pay One has to wait as well as see if “dance on glass” gives them more time to radiate these 2 characters.


Among all the “رقص روی شیشه قسمت 12” sub-characters, perhaps Machan’s personality, Mehrdad Sedighian, is more than anything else marginalized.

It seems that while their main characters and also narratives are in some way stopped, it’s a great time to have this personality more function in the tale.

Provided the character characteristics of this character, one can expect that Makan is an excellent utilize to compensate for the duty of other personalities in the narrative, which quickly Will certainly be applied.