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Rahman 1400 Film Farsi Worth Your Time or Not?

rahman 1400 farsi movie

Criticism of the film “Rahman 1400

Rahman 1400 is now in the cinemas. It’s a seamless blend of vulgarity. The popularity of Rahman 1400 made Iranian cinema to show off.  It was welcomed by the Iranian audience. In fact, over the past few years, Iranian cinema was a sex trailer of comedy, which until now was commonly seen in internet clips. The single sales of  “Hazara” proofs that Iranian audiences tend to watch this comedy. And its popularity steadily increases.

تماشای فیلم

After the release of “Mormons” in recent months,  The work that some films made hardly until a few years ago to send it to the cinema and to mention it as a cinematic experience. But there is not so important for director Manouchehr Hadi. His works are “I’m not calendar “and” mirror-hugging “.

The Unusual Secret of Film Irani Rahman 1400

The construction of film Irani, a work such as Rahman 1400, does not seem to be a mental concern. It is likely that neither the filmmaker nor the author cares about the presentation of content that could challenge the minds of the audience. Merely to make money by constructing a set of strange situations and compiling it. Then they show it the cinema.  In Rahman, there is no text or directing, and everything is a final corner of vanity, presented in various forms.

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In Rahman 1400, there are no characters, and everything is visible in the film.  The stereotypes depicted in the community will never able to get out of this situation and become a personality.

Among these people, there is a range of distinguished workers from the noble worker to the righteous, but the point of all they have is their minimalistic awareness that undermines their image! The comic positions presented to the audience in the worst way. Most of them are insolent and as low as possible. Including many actors, scriptwriters, and directors.

The Honest to Goodness Truth on Iranian movies Rahman 1400

Among the actors of this Iranian movie is only Saeed Aghakhan. He succeeded with his innate tune-up, by putting Rakhmon’s character on the spectator. The Aga Khani, who played a serious role in his previous years, has returned to comic works in Rahman 1400. He has had a reasonably good role there. Anther iranian comedy is the movie “Chahar Angosht” directed by Hamed Mouhammadi.

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Unlike the Aga Khani, other actors series played bad, including the Mohammad Reza Golzar, who added another lousy game to his artistic work. The strange role played by Yekta Nasser, who plays the role of a mournful and reckless woman of Rahman, is another weak game. It is mostly due to the characterization of such devastation as to the abilities of the acting of Yekta Nasser. Mehran Modiri’s short-term appearance in the film It does not succeed and can not save the movie.

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Synopsis of best Iranian movies  Rahman 1400 for Dummies

Rahman 1400” can be described as a complete picture of what is happening in best Iranian movies cinema. A delicate and indestructible work that does not dare to approach its social and political subjects, and only provides sexual joke.

A job whose constructive ideas did not make much difference in its formation and the sponsors have shaped the script. The peak of the vulgarity of the movie is in the presence of Rahman’s wife. Laying in a bathtub with headphones. as a result, the sequence that is neither funny nor breakout is intended to deliver a message. The undocumented chains form the totality of Rahman 1400, the most challenging thing to face with that laugh!

Rahman (Saeed Agakhani) Abdolchi is a company, and the doctor has told him that he would soon be born. In this way, Rahman will throw his mind to benefit from his death for the family, but …


Manuchehr Hadi: Born in 1971 in Tehran. During his first years at the cinema, he acted as an actor, assistant director, and logistics director, but in 2006, he began filming his first film, “Turbulence.” He has been the maker of cinematic promotions such as “I’m not Salvador” and “The Mirror of Hear.”