salhaye door az khane part 12 | سال های دور از خانه قسمت دوازدهم

salhaye door az khane part 12 | سال های دور از خانه قسمت دوازدهم

salhaye door az khaneh 12

salhaye door az khane part 12

تماشای آنلاین قسمت 12 سال های دور از خانه

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salhaye door az khaneh 12 The Hat Trick is one of the brightest films of the Fajr International Film Festival, and won the Best Screenplay for Ramen Lawafi and best actress for Mahour Alvand, now in the worst of times, just after the Fajr Film Festival and before the release of Nowruz. Is.
The “hat-trick” begins at a party without any introduction.

Trailer serial salhaye door az khane part 12

serial salhaye door az khane 12 It suddenly enters the living space of the main characters and introduces the main characters by turning the camera around.

Lida (Prince Izadiyar) is leaving her party with her husband, Farzad (new Amir) and her cousin Keivan (Saber Cloud) and her new friend Reha (Mahour Alvand).

Lida is suspicious of Farzad and his stealthy phones, and Farzad’s mysterious behaviors have been angered.

When everyone leaves the party, Leida, who is still annoyed, is busy with photography, and suddenly the car that Farzad is driving is dealing with something.

Farzad, who is scared to leave the scene of the incident, proposes to go somewhere and think about it.

All are left to the house that only live and go, and the story line is completely changed here.

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salhaye door az khane episdoe 12
salhaye door az khane episdoe 12

The “hat-trick”, the cool and the air of a crowded party, begins to see the viewer with his proper signs of an incident that is lurking and the effect of Farhadi’s suspension.

As a result, the viewer is sure that an unfortunate event is happening on his chair, and anyone awaiting a story is coming. However, the crash sequence, which is the culmination of the script, surprises him and leaves his dramatic and dramatic effect on him.

salhaye door az khane episode 12 The crash sequence follows the same suspension, Farzad’s escape and Lida’s cries to stop the car, stop the car for a few minutes after the crash, and Saturn, which runs from the car to check the car, Leida is bad, and at the beginning we understand the pregnant Everything is happening with me, and the viewer goes all the way to the inflammatory atmosphere of the film and can not be seen at one point.

Although all the first half of the film is a reminder of Farhadi’s films, Lovafi, who, in addition to his screenplay, directs the work, accompanies the viewer thanks to his good performers and the good chemistry between them and the creation of attractive occasions. It prevents him from being bored with the effects that seem to be repeated.

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salhaye door az khaneh S01E12
salhaye door az khaneh S01E12

Lovafe cleverly traces the veils of satire in his narrative, which comes from the bitterness of the existing position and the contrast of characters, and slowly reveals the narrative of the script that was crafty from the beginning of the film, and the main knot of his verses He is facing At this stage, there is no other coincidence, escape, or ethical conflicts in the “hat trick” story. Farzad’s $ 160 million bet on Las Palmas FC vs.

Real Madrid. From here, the story is based on a married melodrama that is highly character-centered, with ping-ponged conversations between people and their quarrels and quarrels.

salhaye door az khane part 12 The main hack trick’s main objection goes back to the two main movie nodes. The accident along with Farzad’s betting and his marital problems with Lida, each of which is a major pivot point in the film, ultimately causing the main narrative of the movie to be unified and the viewer does not know exactly which topic to focus on.

The hat-trick does not have a central core in its narrative that the other actions around it are formed, and each sub-narrative suddenly takes on the role of the main node and, with the advancement of the film, ignores the screenplay of the previous nodes facing the viewer.

serial salhaye door az khane part 12

salhaye door az khaneh ghesmat 12
salhaye door az khaneh ghesmat 12

On the other hand, film characters owe their actors the glow, not script characterization. In particular, the character of Saturn and Release is a dumb question for the viewer, and it seems that Lavoffey only introduces characters, but does not pay them, and the story goes up and down the storyline rather than the characters, while we are faced with a completely character-focused drama.

salhaye door az khane part 12 In general, the “hat-trick” is not a strange film, and a kind of unobtrusive tune in it that makes the whole film admirable. Neither the camera has strange movements, nor the compilation attempts to be a separate element in the film, and it only brings with it a good rhythm and a pleasing viewer.

All the dramatic elements serve the drama and help the story advance in a completely realistic atmosphere.

salhaye door az khane ghesmat 12 This fading in the narrative in the actors’ play, even in the Saber Cloud game that always brings with it the shadow of the theater itself, also allows the cloud to provide one of its most realistic games.

Prince Izadiyar and Mahoor Alvand are completely drowned in their role, bringing the suspense and fear of the film to the viewer, and with their mutual actions they capture the viewer among the drama.

But the bright spot of the “hat-trick” is Farzad’s character. A person who fully understands the image of a loving anti-hero, and the viewer loves him with all his thoughts and selfishness.