salhaye door az khane part 13 | سال های دور از خانه قسمت سیزدهم

salhaye door az khane part 13 | سال های دور از خانه قسمت سیزدهم

salhaye door az khaneh 13

salhaye door az khane part 13

تماشای آنلاین قسمت 13 سال های دور از خانه

danlod salhaye door az khane 13


salhaye door az khaneh 13 The truth is that “In Silence” has no resemblance to movies of art and experience, and with countless stars, it only tries to hide its flaws. “In Silence” is one of those films that seems to have been exiled to art and experience due to the red line or what might be called a scandal. However, Fatima Motamed Aria’s starring role as Saeed Pour Samimi, Vishka Asayesh and Pantea Panahi can be successful in attracting audiences. But it is a pity that “Silent” is a trashy movie that will definitely disappoint the viewer.

Trailer serial salhaye door az khane part 13

serial salhaye door az khane 13 It suddenly enters the living space of the main characters and introduces the main characters by turning the camera around.

Lida (Prince Izadiyar) is leaving her party with her husband, Farzad (new Amir) and her cousin Keivan (Saber Cloud) and her new friend Reha (Mahour Alvand).

Lida is suspicious of Farzad and his stealthy phones, and Farzad’s mysterious behaviors have been angered.

serial salhaye door az khane S01E13

salhaye door az khane episdoe 13
salhaye door az khane episdoe 13

When everyone leaves the party, Leida, who is still annoyed, is busy with photography, and suddenly the car that Farzad is driving is dealing with something.

Farzad, who is scared to leave the scene of the incident, proposes to go somewhere and think about it.

All are left to the house that only live and go, and the story line is completely changed here.

salhaye door az khane episode 13 “In Silence” is not a complicated story, but it defines this simple story in the most complex way possible. Sudabeh (Fatemeh Motamed Arya) returned to Iran after twenty-two years. His daughter Star (Sogol Khaliq), who has never seen her, is about to get married.

Sudabeh has come to Iran because of her education, but her main goal is to get closer to her daughter.

Meanwhile, Khosrow (Saidpour Samimi) and Perry (Honor Boroumand), the grandparents of the star father who raised him, are concerned about Sudabee’s return and his purpose.

salhaye door az khane ۱۳

salhaye door az khaneh S01E13
salhaye door az khaneh S01E13

From this summary of the story you can see how duplicitous we are on the side. A mother who, after twenty years, has just returned to her motherly sense, has returned. The family who have been taking care of her 10-day-old daughter until now are alarmed by her mother’s return. Star weddings are a mystery.

The mother, alone and unconcerned, after years of pain and the secrets she has had with her, only wants to know her daughter and, despite everyone’s advice, approaches her daughter.

salhaye door az khane part 13 We’ve seen the same thing in several movies and TV shows, and “in silence” has nothing new for us. However, Petri tries to twist his narrative and, for example, confront the audience with a mysterious story.

But right from the start, he puts his hand up and has no trick to get the audience going.

serial salhaye door az khane part 13

salhaye door az khaneh ghesmat 13
salhaye door az khaneh ghesmat 13

The basic sequence of the film is an interesting sequence. Sudabeh has arrived and is arranging her belongings at the hotel. Meanwhile, his voice as a narrator begins to speak. Sudabee, however, does not target the audience. It is as if the first character is writing a diary or a love letter and the viewer can read his mind.

Sudabeh talks to his wife, Bahram (Mohammad Reza Ghaffari), about his fear of returning. At the same time, he is patiently picking up his belongings in the room and keeping everything neat and tidy.

salhaye door az khane part 13 In the first sequence, the viewer realizes what the story is.

Sudabee is portrayed as a woman with deep psychological problems, and the mystery of this woman’s life is widespread in the eyes of the audience.

A woman who seems to have fallen in love with her husband and has returned to Iran after years to find the missing child.

salhaye door az khane ghesmat 13 Perhaps the basic “in silence” sequence is the best and most dramatic sequence we see in the film.

But the lack of coordination of this sequence with the rest of the narrative turns “in silence” into a fragmented and incoherent story.

The story continues, with Sodabe’s romantic love and pain continuing with Bahram. The viewer observes the untimely death of Bahram, and asks why Soudabee abandoned her daughter after her husband’s death, despite her romantic life.