salhaye door az khane part 15 | سال های دور از خانه قسمت پانزدهم

salhaye door az khane part 15 | سال های دور از خانه قسمت پانزدهم

salhaye door az khaneh 15

salhaye door az khane part 15

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تماشای آنلاین قسمت 15 سال های دور از خانه


salhaye door az khaneh 15 Hussein Mahkam, best known as a screenwriter in Iranian cinema, in his second work as director, Andranik, portrays all the features of experimental and independent cinema. Boldly, he boldly confronts fundamental religious beliefs with human concepts and challenges the viewer by drawing on historical events, personalities, and so on.

Trailer serial salhaye door az khane part 15

serial salhaye door az khane 15 The Andranik narrative takes place in the city of Urmia in year 2. Pastor Armen Petrosyan (Reza Bakhdi), along with his daughter, Sonya (Elham Korda) and Church Servant, Yurik, live in a small church until the arrival of Captain Shahrokh Tash (Said Chengizian) puts this Christian family in moral distress.

serial salhaye door az khane S01E15

salhaye door az khane episdoe 15
salhaye door az khane episdoe 15

Captain Shahrokh Tash, who fought with the father of Armen for many years in the jungle fights, is now joining government forces and plans to capture the stars and lost status of a newly freed poet named Andranik in Iran.

salhaye door az khane episode 15 Captain Shahrokh Tash is convinced that Armen’s father, who joined the victims of the Armenian massacre after a forest campaign and has left a secluded corner of Urmia after years of fighting, is aware of Andranik and is trying to get him to confess.

The challenge of the characters begins here, too, the captain of all that is sweaty is his military rank, while Armen’s father, in the straits of his morality and religious beliefs, can neither lie nor easily give up Andranik. As a result, the conversation between the two is like a chess game.

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salhaye door az khaneh S01E15
salhaye door az khaneh S01E15

Every wrong move can have a big price tag, and every one with his own intelligence is trying to get the other out of his or her safety and crush it. These heated conversations about religious beliefs also take place between the captain and other residents of the house, but neither have the priest’s cleverness and thus move comfortably to the brink of defeat. Finally, when the captain obtains evidence of Andranik’s presence that is unthinkable, the priest is forced to bargain.

salhaye door az khane part 15 The priest passes on his most precious possessions, beliefs, and sacred clothing to save Andranik’s life and, in the end, puts the viewer on a course full of doubt; choosing between moral values ​​and giving preference to humanity, or Adherence to religious values ​​and religious beliefs.

serial salhaye door az khane part 15

salhaye door az khaneh ghesmat 15
salhaye door az khaneh ghesmat 15

Andranik, as we mentioned earlier, comes out of a commendable audacity and presents a different story to the viewer that engages him and places him in the lead character of the film, Armen’s father, and by the end of the film.

He wants to make a choice and be the referee of this intricate and breathtaking game he has witnessed. But in terms of pay, “Andranik” in many cases seems crude.

salhaye door az khane part 15 In paying for his story, Mekham relies heavily on Russian literature and theater, which goes beyond the gestures of dialogue between the captain and Sonia.

Hekkam borrows arrays from this literary and cultural context that can be appealing in itself, but the problem is that Hekkam can’t get rid of the theatricality that dominates the story throughout his film.

salhaye door az khane ghesmat 15 In order to get rid of this purely theatrical sense, Mekkam would have taken his camera to the church in a single sequence, but the dramatic logic and logic had no justification for this sequence, and the inclusion of a captain and priest in the churchyard right in the middle of the sequence.

That the dinner table is set up only destroys the effect of the work and leaves the viewer with the question of exactly when this conversation took place, and the reason that suddenly, without any sign, Captain and Father Armen head out of the yard and then back again. At the dinner table, what was it like they were still doing it?