serial hayola part 11 | سریال هیولا قسمت یازدهم

serial hayola part 11 | سریال هیولا قسمت یازدهم

serial hayola part 11 | سریال هیولا قسمت یازدهم

serial hayola part 11

تماشای آنلاین قسمت 11 هیولا

danlod hayoula 12


Hashem and Sohrab are two boys living in orphanages. They live here from their young age until they reach adolescence and youth.

This is a summary of the TV series “Fate”, which is being produced for the film and TV series Two.

danlod hayola 11 You may unconsciously read this serial’s summary of the TV series Kidsmurands, whose story was similar to the series, but the producer and directors of the series have emphasized that in no way a serial of fate in terms of story, storytelling, structure … It does not look like a kid’s engineer.

Trailer serial hayola part 11

serial hayola part 11 The production of a television series of fate, produced in three seasons, is handled by Akbar Towooyelian, who for the month of Ramadan had prepared a network of TV shows and went to the antenna.

The most famous seller in the CD-ROM as producer of episodic collection may be for you. This is the episodic television series with its own audience.

In his work, he created other works in the name of a few feet closer, a wave of fear, and so on.

hayula 11 Now the producer has gone to the three-season series in his latest work. The first season is directed by Mohammad Reza Khordaghand and the second season is Alireza Bazrafshan. Of course, the director of the third season of this series has not been determined.

Also, Porya Purshkh has recently added to the cast of serialists of fate. Rastin Azizpour and Amir Reza Faramarzi are two actors of the role of a child in the first season who play their role at young ages.

Of course, the design team took a lot of children and young people to select roles, and eventually they became the finalists.

serial hayola S01E11

hayola episode 11
hayola episode 11

According to jumbo, Akbar Towouillian, the producer of the serial production process of fate, says Immersion: One and two chapters are being shot simultaneously and editors are co-editing at the same time as production.

The recording of the second season is directed by Alireza Bazrafshan. He continued: We have not yet chosen the third season director and are reviewing it.

hayola episode 11 The producer is about choosing directors: I believe that we have to give young, dynamic and creative directors the opportunity to use their capacities.

For this reason, I went to the selection of young directors in the direction of youthfulness.

Delivering in the answer to the question, which is very similar to the series of fate and child engineer, explains: No, at all, our serial tale is not like that story, and it’s a completely different storyline.

hayula ۱۱

hayula S01E11
hayula S01E11

The 50th episode of “Destiny” was written by a group of writers including Mohammad Mahmoud Soltani, Roha … Siddiqui, Sara Khosrowbadi and Masoud Karami, and produced for the film and TV series Du Sima.

serial hayola part 11 In addition, Dibaj and Pourshahk, Majid Vakshani, Leila Blokat, Maryam Kazemi, Fariba Naderi, Alireza Ostadi, Mehdi Sabayi, Maedeh Tahmasebi and Alireza Ara are actors playing in two episodes of the series, and in line with the story of the actors of the face.

Another will be added to the series. He also chose Hussein Pakdel’s production to replace the role that Amin Tarkh had to play.

serial hayola part 11

hayoola ghesmat 11
hayoola ghesmat 11

Alireza Bazrafshan, director of the second chapter of the series, describes the fate: “I have not been socially involved for a long time; therefore, I did not want to make a series of social themes, because my previous work was a satirical fault, and this move away from social work led to I will direct the director of the second chapter of the fate.

hayula ghesmat 11 He adds: The story is about two nursery children whose season is one for their child and the second season is 19 years old. This series is a narrative of social and deep social stories.

Is the director directing the third season of the series? He says: No, because I want to make the second chapter of the series.

hayola 11

The sowing continues: The script is written in a very good fate. In fact, a lot of research has been done, and it deals with youth issues in the social layers of the second chapter of the series, such as the beliefs that exist in relation to orphanages.

In response to the fact that the synopsis of the series is very similar to the kid engineer. Will the audience look like the same series?

He explains: No, it’s not going to be like a kid engineer. The serial of fate in terms of story, structure and … is completely different from that serial.

In the series, the audience only sees good things and sees the bitterness of the community.

Referring to actors in Hashem and Sohrab’s roles, which are two stories for orphanages, the director says: In the childhood, two other children play these roles, and in the second season they play and play roles. He had previously played a role in a cinematic film, but he did not have the game experience in the television series.

dawnload hayoola ghesmat 11

He emphasized: Kaisan Dibaj had not played until now, but the art student was an actor and both of them play a great role in the second season of the series and have a good future.

Of course, for the selection of these two roles, we took an acting test at a young age of over 200, even testing some days for more than ten people until I got to these friends. I’m very pleased with the choice of both of them.

“Of course, I’m used to introducing young and upcoming actors in my work,” he said. In the series of fate, besides these two, I have also introduced three other actors, Fatima Baharmast, Marzieh Mousavi and Mohammad Motaedidi, who have also shown a good future in acting.

hayula part 11

Puria Pourshark’s full-length version is full of colors. For this reason, he has had the experience of working with several directors.

He had a serious, kind, bad-tempered, kind, evil, and so on in the cinema and on the television.

Recently, audiences saw her play in a series of reminders directed by Bahram Bahramian, who played a special role in the series.

In fact, he was a mercenary who, in exchange for money, killed people and worked for the Mostofi family.