serial hayola part 13 | سریال هیولا قسمت سیزدهم

serial hayola part 13 | سریال هیولا قسمت سیزدهم

serial hayoula part 13 | سریال هیولا قسمت سیزدهم

serial hayola part 13

تماشای آنلاین قسمت 13 هیولا

danlod hayoula 14


The 12th episode of the Monster Series had an interesting opening, and Houshang and Mahyar Mahrafzoun again face each other, but this time Hushang does not get down and after receiving a text message on the 200 million loan he sought in the previous section, She cries out for the magistrate of today and the former Chamcharat, arguing with pride in her own lineage, that for the first time, it should be seen that Hushang, like his wife, Shohreh, now does not shy away from shame and humiliation of others.

danlod hayola 13 Then it turns out to be a family-friendly food sequence to make sure Mr. Denver has become a monster that we’ve been waiting for since the start of the show, and now he is short of resistance to the demands of his family, and the loan of the Khaf Institute is actually his own money!

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serial hayola part 13 What’s happening at the end of the twelfth part, the sequencing of furniture and furniture, and Houshang slowly moves toward building a so-called Lachthy house, but very soon and minutes after this section, with the finding of the head Police understand the future of darkness awaits them.

hayula 13 Police go to the Second Branch of the Forest Fellows in the North, and with the arrest of the Secretary and the Admirer, one step further comes to the central branch of the institute.

To me, the strange, ridiculous and bad thing in these sequences was the secretary and the waterman of the Northern branch, why? Because in the review of the previous section, I mentioned the interesting behavior and character of two employees of Houshang, and now we see that the team does not even have mercy upon these sub-personalities and have copied them into another part of the newly created series to shift the boundaries of repetition!

serial hayola S01E13

hayola episode 13
hayola episode 13

One of the issues that has involved many people over the last few years has been the bankruptcy of financial and credit institutions and the financial problems of banks. In the middle of the 12th episode of the Monster Series, Mehran Modri looks at the banking system of the country and portrays how some of the puppet managers work.

hayola episode 13 In the review of the interesting part of the behavior and personality of the two employees Houshang, I now see that the team did not even have mercy on these sub-personalities and copied them into another part of the newly created series to shift the boundaries of repetition!

hayula ۱۳

hayula S01E13
hayula S01E13

In the sequel to the smart extortion of his father showing that we give each hand, we will withdraw from the same hand. Kamura teaches herself this lifestyle to her son and is now smart to make her learn.

serial hayola part 13 The manager’s son says that he should not tell his mother that it seems to me that this will create a short and interesting story line in later or at least part of the thirteenth.

serial hayola part 13

serial hayola part 13

Because, as you will see in the next section, we see the unhappy unity of the women’s board of directors against their husbands, which I hope will not end the repeated feminine repetition, and this unification will place some fun sequences in their hearts.

hayoula ghesmat 13 There were two other incidents in this area, which are not worth mentioning. First, the board of directors of KhAF, which uses them to show corruption in some departments again, is the second tireless effort by Mahyar Mahrafzoun to inquire into Farhad Aslani life and understand why he is one of his financial advancements.

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The first one, the board of directors, has since recently found its new victim and now, by depositing all the funds from the Forest Assistance Fund to Hushang Sharafat’s account, they are planning to throw him all the dirty work they have done, and at the end of this We also see that they do not drop a small hole to destroy Hushang. In the case of the Mafrauzon, I also think that he will find in the thirteenth section of the multibillion inventory of Mr. Sherafa’s account, but I do not think that he would catch anything about its origin.

serial hayola part 13 Smart, what should not be told to his mother, and I think that in the next section, we will see the formation of the alliance of the wives of the members of the board of directors of the Khuf Institute against their husbands.

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Part 12 shows that we are close to the end of the story of the monstrous series and I do not portray that Mehran has a plan to build the second chapter of the monster, because this issue and the story we have seen so far have not been stretching, and yesterday it was announced that the manager He is currently involved in the creation of another program in cyberspace or the home screening network, which is called “Midnight” and may have a structure similar to a regular program.

hayula part 13

In general, the monster has not yet met the expectations of many managerial supporters, because those who went to the monster to laugh were almost disappointed, and those of the viewers who were looking for professional tips about the director and script in the monster also Nothing was arrested.

serial hayola part 13 The series has undeniable weaknesses in personality and storytelling, which is no longer an opportunity to correct them; on the other hand, certain events and conversations are repeated repeatedly that may clutter you. In the review of the final three episodes of the Monster Series, we will focus more on the technical aspects and serial details to see if the monster has anything to say or one of the worst works in his director’s work.