Serial Hayola Part 14 | سریال هیولا قسمت چهاردهم

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serial hayola part 14 | سریال هیولا قسمت چهاردهم

Serial Hayoula part 14 | سریال هیولا قسمت چهاردهم

Serial Hayola Part 14
hayoula 14

تماشای آنلاین قسمت 14 هیولا

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Take a look at Zoomi’s Monster Episode 14 review to see where Mehri’s mom-and-spy storymaker comes to mind.

Episode 14 of The Monster Begins with Hamed and Smart Dialogue that if we factor in the Los Dialogues about Intelligent Agaazadeh, when Houshang is added to this dialogue, we will see, well, the monster serial teacher no resemblance to the noble man who at the beginning of the story She has no recollections and now defines the Cameroonian family without any hesitation.

danlod hayola 14 Why do I get rid of it? Because Houshang Sharafat was honorable in appearance and speech, and in practice we did not see this character resisting bribes, the hardships of life, and the misconduct of his family.

Trailer serial hayola part 14

serial hayola part 14 The biggest surprise in this episode is about Mehri’s mother-in-law. Personally, I didn’t think Mr. Davood would be Mehri’s smuggler, but this surprise does not mean that the serial writing team is smart because sometimes the story may be so ridiculous that the audience will never think such a bizarre event in the series. Give it up!

hayula 14 At the beginning of the series, the good-natured gem played the part of a traditional, family-minded mother who grew up with a bit of fun and boredom to come up with an almost new character who became more involved with fashion and a younger life.

Judge for yourself, which aspects of Mehri’s personality are in line with David’s, or do his family’s grandmothers like him? I don’t see anything.

serial hayola S01E14

hayola episode 14
hayola episode 14

That’s why I’m talking about the over-the-top stuff of Monster Serial characters, people who are not at all alive and dynamic, and ultimately are a series of puppets who spit out written dialogues (what a dialogue!)!

hayola episode 14 As a result, none of them have the capacity to become part of their society, despite the serial claim to be social and to portray the status of the different strata of our present day Iran.

hayula ۱۴

hayula S01E14
hayula S01E14

Chamchara played a prominent role here, becoming a full-fledged spy who could get into the office of the Forestry Company, but the good and powerful cops arrived and everything he had ordered was cotton.

serial hayola part 14 The Ghazanfar cousin’s part was robbery and interesting, but on the other hand, his wife’s jealousy of being rich at one time has always been a constant base for the monster cycle and the monster serial iteration. And we found it funny that I was reluctant to write about them.

serial hayola part 14

serial hayola part 14

Episode 14 of the monster series once again showed us that peyman Ghasemkhani and the director have virtually no plans to advance the storyline in this series, and unlike what they seemed in the early episodes, the story is not going to be in the right rhythm and the narrative is so slow that after five episodes. Police haven’t reached Houshang yet!

hayoula ghesmat 14 Alongside this lack of story progression, we each have sequences that have nothing to do with the main body of the story and are repetitive.

hayola 14

serial hayola part 14

I don’t once remember a director with a perspective such as “Point of View” imbibing a bit of creativity in terms of imagery and on the other hand trying to bring us into their world by depicting the world from the perspective of their characters in order to get a better understanding of these characters. Let’s get there.

serial hayola part 14 Every once in a while, the creative team has tried to create manicures that have failed to achieve their goal.

dawnload hayoola ghesmat 14

The most we saw in the Monster TV series was “Medium View”, which is not used properly because the scale of these scenes and the characters’ behavior are so repetitive that it is not permissible to portray the complex relationships between the characters in such a frame, and ultimately some superficial and We may find it a little funny again and again to be confined to the betrayal of board members, salons, and class differences.

hayula part 14

According to what you will see in the next section, Houshang will eventually fall into the trap of law and, as Cameraw tells him, Mr. Honor has to return to his old, simple life.

serial hayola part 14 On the other hand, the door to the detention center and the sheriff’s office is open, and the only people who may not have trouble are the board members unless the serial is intended to surprise us.