serial hayola Part 15 | سریال هیولا قسمت پانزدهم

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serial hayola part 15 | سریال هیولا قسمت پانزدهم

serial hayoula part 15 | سریال هیولا قسمت پانزدهم

serial hayola Part 15
hayoula 15

تماشای آنلاین قسمت 15 هیولا

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Episode 15 “The Monster” The monster was accompanied by a major surprise. In this episode, the mehran modiri showed that the “monster” is not yet fully awake.

danlod hayola 15 Contrary to earlier predictions, the “monster” does not come to an end by sacrificing Houshang Sharafat. Rather, Houshang has just passed away from the first Juan, and now with the craving he finds, he can’t even be named a victim.

Trailer serial hayola part 15

serial hayola part 15 While Kamrova and her board of directors seemed intent on continuing to sacrifice Houshang, a troubled image in the previous episode completely changed the course of the story.

hayula 15 Kamrova’s moral scandal and her husband’s discovery in the past seemed only a marginal narrative. But in episode 15, we found out that Flora and probably the rest of the women played a more prominent role than we thought.

To satisfy his wife, Camrua sacrificed her toil, instead of Houshang, and the “monster” showed us what was happening behind the scenes of such companies.

serial hayola S01E15

hayola episode 15
hayola episode 15

The brilliant sequence in Episode 15 is also where the board members readily admit to stealing and embezzling, but they find themselves free from the toil of the toil.

hayola episode 15 Cameroon, who is the other end of this moral corruption, without stumbling in his life and work, stumbles upon his chair and watches his accomplice fall.

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hayula S01E15
hayula S01E15

The “monster” shows that the corrupt thinking of Mr. Kamrova and Mrs. Zahmatkash and their grudge is more important than the damage done by the cultists and the one and a half microcosm of this group.

serial hayola part 15 A mehran modiri shrewdly demonstrates what the rich and corrupt minds of the rich and corrupt people have in mind while the losers are in the grief of the night and how they spend their days.

serial hayola part 15

serial hayola part 15

The “monster” shows how easy it is to warm up the creditors and claimants and cover up the real disinvestment with the illusory excuse of donating a basket and continuing the same dirty path again.

hayoula ghesmat 15 On the other hand, “Monster” releases this new story node, giving Kamran Cameroia a more frightening awe. Kamrova, who sacrifices everyone for her own plans, wants to be Houshang Honor or a hard-working woman.

hayola 15

serial hayola part 15

He lounges comfortably on the piano chair and, with a simple phone, changes the fate of two men to just satisfy his wife and bring temporary peace to his life.

serial hayola part 15 Beyond these adventures is intelligence. The intelligence that honed its tail until yesterday, now shows that it was not too unaware of what was going on.

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Working for the good of the environment was just an excuse for himself and his family to get a huge chassis and a huge loan that had just come into his life.

hayula part 15

Hushang, even the fate of his colleagues, no longer cares about him, and this indifference speaks. Now she’s just a bigger house, preferably not on the alley of honor, and wants the car and amenities she tastes.

serial hayola part 15 From now on, Houshang’s fall will be easier and faster. Houshang no longer needs to be fooled and tempted by false promises.

No more driving force is needed to sink Houshang in this battle. He is now full of temptations that have tasted a little sweet.

Houshang no longer needs a monster to devour his beliefs. He is about to become a Cameroonian monster. The distance between Houshang and Cameroon is one step. Even Houshang may be even more terrifying than Cameraw, because Master had some of his own.