serial hayola Part 16 | سریال هیولا قسمت شانزدهم

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serial hayola part 16 | سریال هیولا قسمت شانزدهم

serial hayoula part 16 | سریال هیولا قسمت شانزدهم

hayoula 16
hayoula 16

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From the moment Avengers: Infinity War came to an end, perhaps the biggest question for the audience was what movie model Endgame would become? Because the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which has always strived to strike a balance between comedy-drama and storytelling, is going to highlight one of these features in each of its major and expected films.

danlod hayola 16 Probably the worst Marvel Studios movies in the audience’s mind are the ones that fail to strike a balance like Captain Marvel’s, and unlike the likes of Infinity War and the Guardians of the Galaxy James Gun, the ability to permanently accompany the viewer Not with themselves.

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serial hayola part 16 Perhaps Infinity War’s biggest asset, too, was its exemplary balance in serious storytelling with the use of instant comedy; the one that accompanied the audience with the film had no negative or ill effects on the viewer’s serious moments. Ironically, it also removed the effect from any possible boredom because of its long duration.

hayula 16 But Endgame, which wasn’t supposed to become Infinity War II, couldn’t replicate the tone of the same movie. Because of this, Marvel would become one of those studios that only prolonged the final story and split it into two parts to increase their revenue.

So let me first of all assure you that Endgame is not the second part of another movie, but a work of its own. A work with a fresh and twisted story and a different narrative that Marvel couldn’t possibly have put somewhere in Infinity War.

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hayola episode 16
hayola episode 16

Because previous “revenge” events had to happen before Endgame had a chance to breathe and tell its story.

hayola episode 16 The new Rousseau Bros. remake is a far more character-driven movie, given the clearly reduced number of Endgame characters than Infinity War.

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hayula S01E16
hayula S01E16

In the sense that if at that time the film was to be divided between all the characters, we would have here a film that draws a clear line between the main characters and the sub.

serial hayola part 16 This is also important because Endgame carries a greater tragic burden, and in order to reach some of the creator’s peak points, it is more than necessary to deal with certain characters more than the previous film.

serial hayola part 16

serial hayola part 16

Avengers: Endgame is more than a story about a great war, a tale of finding a seemingly impossible solution to everything.

The story focuses on the obvious failure of the characters, with tricks in particular that I will describe in the final sections without fear of being overtaken by the story.

hayoula ghesmat 16 So if we knew the ending of the two-part films of the great cinematic series based on a crazy battle from the first to the second part, Endgame would be a strange product in our eyes.

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serial hayola part 16

Because as much as it takes the characters’ efforts to “fix the problems”, it also deals with the “irreversibility of some of the disasters revealed to them.”

serial hayola part 16 As much as it cares about shaping an epic and massive battle, it also invests in ending the stories of some superheroes in a plausible way. That’s why this movie is about as much about Infinity War as it is about the other 5 movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe before its release.

serial hayola Part 16

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Anthony and Joe Rousseau, movie writers, and most importantly Kevin Fayegi, have made Endgame a great chapter of a novel. A season that may be one of the best chapters in the book, but it also has a significant emphasis on earlier chapters.

hayula part 16

This is due to the fact that Endgame in its first two episodes, which take a total of two and a half hours, goes on to exploit the success pattern of many other Marvel films; With the fictional atmosphere of the work, she can enjoy the small but effective jokes and some fun moments.

serial hayola part 16 Finally, as some well-known critics have said, the painful moments are not necessarily brought about by the director’s focus on a bitter and sad tone, but by the correct and timely change of tone at key points.