serial hayola Part 17 | سریال هیولا قسمت هفدهم

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serial hayola part 17 | سریال هیولا قسمت هفدهم

serial hayoula part 17 | سریال هیولا قسمت هفدهم 

serial hayola Part 17
hayoula 17

تماشای آنلاین قسمت 17 هیولا

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hayoula ghesmat akhar Episode 15 was a monster-like “monster” series that separated the two phases of the serial narrative.

danlod hayola 17 After the end of this episode and Houshang’s return to his previous simple life, Episode 16 of “The Monster” has some interesting new adventures.

In this episode, the “Monster” Houshang, despite his previous life and good fortune, is no longer satisfied. Not even noble.

He sits bored in the classroom and doesn’t even answer the students’ questions. With his mobile phone he entertains his students and reads books.

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serial hayola part 17 There is no longer the work of a conscientious teacher whose blackboard was full of educational material and taught children until the last minute.

hayula 17 Beyond the story are the noble family. Shohreh, who had enough for her husband’s dignity to help with the cost of making boxes and dolls, has now become another person. He is unhappy. He is unhappy with everything.

From the condition of her skin to the training of her children, she becomes an asterisk symbol of short-term well-being.

It was only a short time before he forgot how to make the pouch. As simple as forgetting to live.

serial hayola S01E17

hayola episode 17
hayola episode 17

But all this is nothing against Houshang’s love affair with Shohreh, which has left no trace.

According to Shohreh, Houshang is no longer the man she once chose.

hayola episode 17 Houshang now either has a million income and should be loved, or a simple teacher and has no value in the family.

hayula ۱۷

hayula S01E17

In the sense that if at that time the film was to be divided between all the characters, we would have here a film that draws a clear line between the main characters and the sub.

serial hayola part 17 In fact, there was no place in society when Houshang Boshsh lived, but now he has no place in his family if he wants to abide by that dignity.

serial hayola part 17

serial hayola part 17

And these are the values embodied in an immoral society.

However, as can be predicted, Cameraw does not easily release Houshang.

hayoula ghesmat 17 Camrua, who sits in front of the interrogation officer and says with zeal and ruthlessness about all the unfulfilled and unfulfilled contradictions, will certainly not leave a beast like Houshang.

Houshang holds the golden nut in his hands and plays with it as much as he can.

hayola 17

serial hayola part 17

This time, Houshang entered the Khaf Institute as an art expert. The job he knows he doesn’t deserve, but with the money he seeks to get his way.

But now Houshang is no longer that simple, honorable former teacher. He no longer even knows the depositors he represented.

serial hayola part 17 Houshang, though still simple in the face of charlatans such as Cameroon, is still aware of the circumstances that he can easily identify money laundering.

Now he no longer has to be tempted and content with the fake “money laundering”.

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When Houshang’s good and bad souls once again confront each other, this time Houshang no longer cares about their fights and arguments and goes about his business.

He knows he is doing the wrong thing, but he doesn’t care. Now the need for discussion is no more, Houshang wants to go this way.

hayula part 17

There is also “Monster” and the fall of Houshang, who goes to the sixth floor of the Institute. The more Houshang falls further in terms of ethical standards, the lower he goes in the flat building.

serial hayola part 17 Remember that in the previous episode, Kamrova and her colleagues scared the toddler out of the negative seven.

So, probably, Houshang is now on the verge of a free fall in the battlefield, and if he reaches the last floor, there will be no way out.

It is not a shame to say that Haf is the same as the seven-story hell, which encompasses the last class of the most sinful human beings.

hayoula 17