serial hayola Part 18 | سریال هیولا قسمت هجدهم

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serial hayola part 18 | سریال هیولا قسمت هجدهم

serial hayoula part 18 | سریال هیولا قسمت هجدهم

serial hayola Part 18
hayoula 18

تماشای آنلاین قسمت 18 هیولا

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hayoula ghesmat 18 In previous reviews, we came to the conclusion that we were faced with a comedic, and apparently critical, series of critics whose knife blades were so overwhelming that it was hard to beat breakfast; “Destroy as much as he can.”

danlod hayola 18 The totality of this blade of criticism is not related to audits and limitations – whether auditions unreleased by the authors of these home theater serials or values ​​that have not been questioned.

The main problem is the superficial look of the filmmaker and his writing team on various social and individual phenomena. Like people riding in cars with smoke-glass windows in the city and hearing something from afar.

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serial hayola part 18 Even when we turn on the television and the radio, we see or hear tougher, more sensitive, and sometimes more radical reviews.

hayula 18 For example, we’ve heard a lot of talk about the belly-bodied agazes, but in this series we are told only one line of this great malignant lobster, and it goes like this: without suffering a treasure a water and a method are possible.

The world of serenity in this serial is a happy and so-called “cool” world in which no one can be open. Don’t worry about your individuality and your work.

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hayola episode 18
hayola episode 18

You can socialize without a bunch of wasteful school and university maintenance. There is nothing wrong with this climb.

The intelligent character acts as a moss or a sponge in the film; a moss that rises or a sponge that squeezes. Through him, much of the negative world of his negativity is portrayed to us.

hayola episode 18 To the extent that the audience sometimes says to themselves, it seems as though agitation is not too bad and even a great chance in a young person’s life.

hayula ۱۸

hayula S01E18

Remember, we know a lot about this wicked world, and we probably follow the weird news every day, and of course we want to be shown in a comedy that is more complicated, ridiculous and exaggerated.

serial hayola part 18 Smart is a prank clown who sometimes shakes his father a thousand times more than himself and sometimes laughs at us.

serial hayola part 18

serial hayola part 18

The critic is not going to say what the writers need to do to get this character out of the picture, but a simple suggestion was to give him “specials” and “specials” as well as special “nots” and emotional deficiencies and shortcomings. Also show her personality.

hayoula ghesmat 18 Internal flaws and gaps that could deepen the character and create new comedy situations.

While the writers are content to summarize him in being a Saussure and a babysitter;

hayola 18

serial hayola part 18

This disaster of monotony and uniform imagery includes others. Houshang’s son is equally one-dimensional, summed up in being a blood-thirsty baby.

serial hayola part 18 Being a teacher, all he thought of was a score of twenty and going to university.

He, who was not raised in the way of the Aghazades, is as intelligent as the idle and the consumer.

dawnload hayoola ghesmat 18

If some people keep advocating such works with the statement that “Monster Serials Show the Realities”, it is better to think about why such realities become so pasteurized and caricatured, scrupulous and ineffective.

It’s not just limited to the social critique of writers and filmmakers, it even encompasses the serial rhythm; rhythm and variety are the most important elements not found in the series.

hayula part 18

However, many serials still make more money for more revenue. Audiences will sooner or later notice that they are on the side with high-water food.

serial hayola part 18 There is no need to bring examples. Each individual audience can easily bring their own examples from the series.

So despite the comedy and the goodness of the few scenes, the absence of these two important elements has kept the series weak.

Not using the capacity of characters like the boy Houshang and the son of Camrua we have explained is one of the important reasons for the repetition in the series.

hayoula 18