serial hayola Part 19 | سریال هیولا قسمت نوزدهم

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serial hayola part 19 | سریال هیولا قسمت نوزدهم

serial hayoula part 19 | سریال هیولا قسمت نوزدهم

hayoula ghesmat akhar | hayola final

hayoula 19
hayoula 19

تماشای آنلاین قسمت 19 هیولا

danlod hayoula 18

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hayoula ghesmat 19 The monster arrived at the finish station with the 18th episode.There is only one part left to determine the fate of Hoshang and his dignity.

In this episode, the monster leaves his story to the characters to prepare the narrative for the final.

danlod hayola 19 In Episode 18, Houshang joins his family and confronts Kamrua and his crew.

This companionship allows a manager to exploit the potential of his subordinates.

Trailer serial hayola part 19

serial hayola part 19 On the other hand, a manager is a master at paying for such companions.

hayula 19 Houshang, Mahyar, and David go to work together, each with their own personality and behavioral characteristics, making for fun moments.

It is here that the viewer unconsciously remembers the Powerchain and the friendship between Farhad, Sepehr and David.

serial hayola S01E19

hayola episode 19
hayola episode 19

A manager gives enough space to each of the characters to express themselves and to carry on the narrative.

The ability of the actors also helps him get through those short, sweet and funny moments.

hayola episode 19 In fact, without much effort in the script, the viewer entertains himself and comes up with characters.

hayula ۱۹

hayula S01E19

Remember, we know a lot about this wicked world, and we probably follow the weird news every day, and of course we want to be shown in a comedy that is more complicated, ridiculous and exaggerated.

serial hayola part 19 Smart is a prank clown who sometimes shakes his father a thousand times more than himself and sometimes laughs at us.

serial hayola part 19

serial hayola part 19

The critic is not going to say what the writers need to do to get this character out of the picture, but a simple suggestion was to give him “specials” and “specials” as well as special “nots” and emotional deficiencies and shortcomings. Also show her personality.

hayoula ghesmat 19 Internal flaws and gaps that could deepen the character and create new comedy situations.

While the writers are content to summarize him in being a Saussure and a babysitter;

hayola 19

serial hayola part 19

It is undoubtedly the manager’s ability to make the most of the script’s simplest moments.

serial hayola part 19 However, Episode 18 of “The Monster”, after all the adventures that Houshang has gone through, now puts him in front of a full-blown moral assault.

dawnload hayoola ghesmat 19

Houshang’s confrontation with the resourceful master forces him to consider all the directions that have come. No more arguing about high-end model cars and astronomical rights.

Now is the life and safety of a human being. A human being confronted by Houshang and his family and their future and destiny in their hands.

Masterful Master becomes the symbol of all the investors that Houshang was supposed to represent.

serial hayola Part 19

hayula part 19

The same investors that Houshang advanced at the cost of their loss. Now, not only Houshang, all his family have to think again about their choices.

serial hayola part 19 There is no question of family honor and many years of honor. There is a human debate that choosing a noble family can save or sacrifice him.

Shohreh, who has so far stood outside the pit and only enjoys windy opportunities, has now come to terms with the truth. Shoha also has to choose between good and bad and pay for his choice.

Of course, this is not the only problem with Hooshang. Standing in front of Cameroon, however, is the bigger problem Houshang has to face.

hayola ghesmat akhar

But just as Houshang is still a novice on the path to becoming a monster, there is a mistake in analyzing his rival’s monster.

Houshang thinks it is easy to deal with the Cameroons. He thinks he will come after him because he has not yet realized the extent of the Cameroonian atrocities.

hayoula final

If she had known how she had sacrificed her toil to save herself, or if she had known how close she was to that fate, she would not have been unequivocally opposed.

Finally, episode 19 remains as the final monster and manager exam. The truth is that the “monster” story doesn’t have so much extra foliage as it could collect. But arranging a story with all the characters is not easy.

Especially since “Monster” has been so loyal to reality so far, and this bitter realism along with the humorous tone of Monster has attracted audiences from the first episode.

It must be seen whether this “monster” loyalty to the reality of the day society and its accuracy in paying characters, reaches the bottom line. So far, the monster is one of Mehran Modiri most successful experiences to date.

But this is the final part that defines the true grade of the “monster”.