serial mamnooe part 23 | سریال ممنوعه قسمت 23

mankan part 1 mankan part 1 mankan part 1

serial mamnooe part 23 | سریال ممنوعه قسمت 23

mamnooe 2 episode 10
mamnooe 2 episode 10

mamnooe episode 22 | 23 سریال ممنوعه قسمت



خرید قانونی ممنوعه 2 قسمت 10

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At the beginning of the first part of the “Forbidden” series, we see some young girls and boys playing in villas in the north of the country; game sheets are distributed among people; in this section, a boy is a member of the group. Rule number 3 and 5 should sleep together tonight!

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(با ای پی خارجی وارد شوید اگر صفحات باز نمی شود)

These days and the atmosphere of culture are just as severe as the economic climate! Cultural products are increasingly coming to the appointment, and officials and managers of the Ministry of Education can stay in deep sleep.

Cinematic products are spreading the brilliance of the wedding space and the innocent dialogues, and in the home screen, the products released are unique to the audience, and it seems that no organization is protected by the protection of the family.

In this regard, a new series of home entertainment networks is being broadcast, with additional levels that may be recognizable.

serial mamnooe part 23
serial mamnooe part 23

mamnooe 2 part 10

The following is a report that Raja’i wrote about the series: “Forbidden” is the name of the new home screen series, which has already been distributed in two parts, and is scheduled to be released later this weekend by its audience.

In the synopsis of the series, “The Forbidden” narrates the story of three generations simultaneously, from the concerns of youth today to the damage to family and social issues …

What’s remarkable is that the creators of this series, by expressing the view that they are examining social issues and issues, would be desperate for sale more desperately as it desperately wants.

mamnooe ۲۳

This claim becomes clearer when the director of the production of this series is understandable in an interview with the Joomla newspaper. He answers different questions in response to Jamnag’s questions about gender and the absence of the series, and ultimately asks the juror reporter. Write about them well and say: “For the industry to stay alive, you need to sell. As bad sales get worse, the industry will fall.”

Manufacturers of this collection are looking to increase their audience and sales, and what’s more attractive and selling from the series of Turkish and instinctive series.

serial mamnooe part 23
serial mamnooe part 23

Serial Mamnooe S02E10

Interestingly, the director of the production of the series in response to the question of the Jam Jam, which is the stage of promoting communication and innovation, says: “Well, then we saw? I saw the job? »

The director of the production of the series is only sex portrayal, and the expression of these issues and the normalization of this model is not considered a nonsense!

In the other part of the first section, we see the use of drugs and alcoholic beverages. Perhaps the first part of the collection could be defined on the basis of sex, drugs and alcoholic beverages. The use of erotic words and movements, and the bandwidth of band members are large enough to seem like the series has crossed the red line more than any other alien artwork.

serial mamnooe part 23
serial mamnooe part 23

Mamnooe 2 Episode 10

The question that comes to mind is that the Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development is doing exactly what? And how did the series pass on the license? Is it the duty of the Ministry of R & D to prevent the production and distribution of products that clearly represent corruption and promote prostitution?

Interestingly, however, Hossein Parsaei, Director General of the Office of Homeland, Documentary and Shortcuts of the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance, is behind the scenes of this serial and is confronted with its agents.

What appeared to be the case was that the directors of the Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development (MRRD) during the full production of this product were anti-coagulation, and this did not come about.

Mamnooe season 2 Episode 10

It should be asked if the Ministry of Culture and Guidance should protect this Iranian-Islamic culture from the community.

The publication of these innocent products, which promote a modern and impoverished life, is definitely causing harm to society and youth and youth, which may not be easily corrected.

Serial Mamnooe fasle 2 Part 10