serial mankan part 2 | سریال مانکن قسمت 2

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serial mankan part 2 | سریال مانکن قسمت 2

mankan episode 2 | سریال مانکن قسمت 2

serial mankan part 2
mankan 2

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Hossein Soheilizadeh has embarked on a path that the directors of the domestic drama series had previously failed to succeed.

Self-sales in our society are not commonplace This is the first criticism of part two of the Mannequin series.

danlode mankan 2 But so far no director has had the audacity to do so, and this lucky director has used attractive items and, along with starring prominent Iranian cinema actress Marila Zarei, has somehow managed to carry the emotional burden to the series, but it doesn’t have a single sound!

Trailer serial mankan part 2

serial mankan part 2 Peer (Nazanin Bayati) and Kaveh are perennial lovers. It comes from a serial quasi-Indian video clip that has had a lot of memories of ice cream, candy and motorbikes.

But Kaveh falls in love. His not so good playing with the worse dialogues!

mankan 2 Here’s a review from Mr. Kaidan, a serial writer who doesn’t see sensory dialogues in script, and who is responsible for this? The director must also pay for the actor’s inept dialogue.

serial mankan S01E2

serial mankan episode 2
serial mankan episode 2

As it is clear from the summary of the film, the story of this series is about the power of money and love for one another.

mankan episode 2 Couldn’t other prominent actors replace Amir Hossein Arman and Nazanin Bayati ?! What is going on in Soheil Zadeh’s head? How does he finish the series? We will see all of these questions in the coming sections.

mankan S01E2

serial mankan part 2 The rest of the characters are similar. The peer family is torn apart, and as the film’s sad and humorous mood turns out, there is no bright future for either him or his mother. Her mother-in-law, too, is a very stereotypical type of drug addict.

What does this improvised film portray but the stereotypical types of cinema?

mankan 2 Babak Kaidan, known for writing serious comedies such as Rahman 1400, Mirror Bag, Texas and Prinaz, is the author of the Mannequin series.

mankan ۲

mankan ghesmat 2
mankan ghesmat 2

The subject of the Mannequin series refers to economic inequality, comparing the empowered to the lower levels of society, and drawn into the drama-romance genre.

mankan 2 The series tries to use the mannequin metaphor and repeatedly shows the metaphor in various doll formats in the title.

The serial theme of the title is quite clear. To this extent, the boy resembles a rogue prisoner and the wife of an authoritarian prisoner.

serial mankan part 2

serial mankan part 2

I do not know whether this simplification will continue until the next sections in their dialogue or give it some complexity.

mankan ghesmat 2 Let’s not forget the dialogues of the first part were better than the second part of the mannequin!

Soheilzadeh may not just make the series attractive, but it should give the character a glimpse of what it will look like in the cast.

There is no excitement in this part of the series, and it is mostly based on superficial sentimentalism and unattractive dialogue.

serial mankan part 2

But it does require that we first see distinct people so that we can deal with their problems, not just be a passive observer, so that the scenes pass in front of our eyes and our hearts experience no excitement, though temporary.

In-game artifacts prevent these from happening to the audience.

You may find the excitement and charm of the work going on. Experience has shown, however, that actors cannot fill a good, well-calculated script.