serial mankan part 3 | سریال مانکن قسمت 3

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serial mankan part 3 | سریال مانکن قسمت 3

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serial mankan part 3
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The Dead Don’t Die ‘The Dead Don’t Die’ An unusual film about zombies was shown by Jim Jarmusch at the opening ceremony.

The story takes place in a world where characters are aware of the presence of moving dead by watching horror films.

danlode mankan 3 This scary / funny comedy is a bit unbalanced and clearly lends itself to pioneers like George Romero, who long ago realized the effect of zombies as a metaphor for social misery.

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serial mankan part 3 Still, Jarmusch, who often changes the genres of cinema depending on his temperament, presents a distressing and frustrating film, but the film delivers its message with all its charm.

mankan 3 After the Cannes Film Festival and the competition section, “The Dead Don’t Die” will be released in the US on June 6 and one month later in Europe.

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serial mankan episode 3
serial mankan episode 3

Jarmusch has reunited a number of famous independent actors, some of whom, like Bill Mary, Adam Driver, and Tilda Swinten, have collaborated on his new film.

mankan episode 3 But those looking for a new and unprecedented zombie adventure may be disappointed by the filmmaker’s devastating euphoria.

mankan S01E3

serial mankan part 3 As a result, the crossover potential in the film seems a bit unattractive, though Jarmusch’s tenacity should not be overlooked.

mankan 3 The story of the dead does not die in the quiet town of Senterville (which is a symbol of “real America” ​​far from the big cities), under the control of lazy police officer Cliff Robertson (along with his lover Rani Peterson).

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mankan ghesmat 3
mankan ghesmat 3

Strange adventures occur after something happens; most worrying is the rising of the dead and their traffic in the city.

mankan 3 Not as lively, thoughtful, and sophisticated as recent “Only Lovers Survive” and Patterson films, but his goal is to arouse audiences by using a different tone that doesn’t always come together.

serial mankan part 3

serial mankan part 3

On the other hand, the sense of “the dead don’t die” is like fun – an excuse for our beloved filmmaker to assemble a collection of his favorite actors to make a fun and quiet zombie movie.

mankan ghesmat 3 The film has no sense of shame about being weird or self-referential (the film’s characters admit they are in a Jim Jarmusch movie), and such a side is both beloved and disturbing, depending on the subsequent humor in the story.

serial mankan part 3

But at the same time, a state of despair is slowly beginning to prove itself. In its own right, “The Dead Don’t Die” is not a clever interpretation of the worst elements of the modern world, especially when a group of dead start to gravitate to the bad habits of their lives, such as cell phones, the Internet, and coffee.

serial mankan part 3