serial mankan part 4 | سریال مانکن قسمت 4

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serial mankan part 4 | سریال مانکن قسمت 4

mankan episode 4 | سریال مانکن قسمت 4

serial mankan part 4
mankan 4

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Chris Butler, who has so far authored Paranormal, Cobo, and Two Threads and The Missing Link, is also directing after Paranorman The Missing Link.

danlode mankan 4 Butler has previously worked as a storyboard designer on Dead Bride and Coraline’s stopwatches, and with the good experience gained from Tim Burton’s and Henry Silk’s classroom, he began making stop-motion animations in Leica.

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serial mankan part 4 But a more rigorous look at the projects that Butler founded for Leica can reveal similar weaknesses in his screenplays.

mankan 4 When Butler’s fascinating ideas fall right where they should be heading, and the story’s impact is greatly diminished, where the paranormal’s fate is tied to the book world, but because of its carelessness and closing the story without great use of its good potential. It hits.

serial mankan S01E4 | مانکن قسمت ۴

serial mankan episode 4
serial mankan episode 4

Or Kubo and Duarte, which despite the extraordinary process it creates, but ultimately, the repeated exposure to its expected end makes its impact less palatable than it should be.

mankan episode 4 In the missing link, too, the story becomes more captivated by the constructive superficiality of the same plot.

mankan S01E4
mankan S01E4

serial mankan part 4 If paranormal like Coraline (as Leica’s best work) does not go into the depths of its fantasy undercurrent and stays more like a zombie-centric comedy between its two different worlds, Kubo and Duterte will end up as the best and most endearing of them. The final maturity of the hero does not match his starting point, this time in the missing link, while trying to get the needed background, the story of a missing link in order to deeply connect the roots of all his familiar and respected elements.

mankan 4 That is, the part that must engage the audience with vigor and elegance and stay long in its memory is forgotten because of its simplicity and stereotype among all the minds of a cinema enthusiast.

mankan ۴ | مانکن قسمت چهارم

mankan ghesmat 4
mankan ghesmat 4

When Butler makes the subject of collecting ghost eyes in Coraline more easily the task of collecting his sword, armor, and helmet, but ultimately fails to bring the manifestation of Kubo’s spiritual growth to the level of the coraline, he is never accompanied by the heroes of the story. She does not induce him to link.

mankan 4 Or the scene of the final encounter with a negative character hanging from the Shangri-La Ice Cliff never finds the sophistication and function of the scene of Koraline’s all-encompassing antagonist with the spider-shaped antagonist and rescue Woe from falling into the well.

serial mankan part 4 | سریال مانکن قسمت چهارم

serial mankan part 4

Summing up all this means that Butler has been steadily declining as a writer to implement similar story ideas, and it may be better to look at the story like Henry Silk with a clever adaptation of the story of a book like Coraline and the story challenges. To make her characters deeper and more exciting in front of heroes.

سریال مانکن قسمت 4

mankan ghesmat 4 With all of these expectations, Missing Link isn’t a weak animation at all.

Butler has generally tried to combine the mood of works like Indiana Jones, Sherlock Holmes, fantasy critics Ray Harryhausen, and things he was interested in (like road and western films) in a stop-motion format, and of course with an adventure In directing his psyche, Pleasant has managed to turn the missing link into a respectable work that, apart from comparisons, has good reasons to watch and enjoy it.

serial mankan part 4

The film’s adventurous sequences and uninterrupted tone unlike the screenplay (which doesn’t get much depth) have a rich and detailed storyboard.

This theme, which is warmly felt in other Leica works, is both a boon to its stiff-motion frame structure and enhances the enjoyment of watching animation more carefully.