serial nahang abi part 14 | سریال نهنگ آبی قسمت 14

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serial nahang abi part 14 | سریال نهنگ آبی قسمت 14

nahang abi episode 14 | سریال نهنگ آبی قسمت 14

serial nahang abi part 14

خرید قانونی نهنگ آبی قسمت 14

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Armin: A series of things together, causing dizziness, I can not think right. I felt that I was in control of the situation.

danlode nahang abi 14 After storming Avalon, hacking her system and missing Anahita, Armin has been captured among all the possibilities that he considers for these happenings, and he has been dizzy with all the suspicions that he has about everyone around him.

He, who has not yet recovered these puzzles, faces new impulses from unknown forces, which cripple the crowd. They remove the avalanche out of the hospital and clear their rejection and avalanche from there.

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Abnormal and suspicious calls also begin with Armin, and they send him a voice in his first internet conversation with Jalea to suppose this He was created that he has long been on anonymous tour.

Pearl: I thought so much about the fact that Parviz and the world are reading together. This is a great opportunity for me … We have to do something that Parviz and the world put in a place of privacy … You know that what if we can take Pervez and decide who is just me?

nahang abi 14 Map is arranged. Armin uses a halo to put Parviz and the world together in a quiet place without the presence of a guard. Then he speaks with the world himself to complete the plan of Pervez’s murder.

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serial nahang abi episode 14
nahang abi episode 14

But the world does not need Armin and Pearl and rare to meet Parviz. He is now in contact with Parviz and gives him details of his visits to Pearl and Nader and Armin.

Armin: I was not used to playing the rest of the game. It was also added when the pieces were added to the game that you were not my designer. For example, my mother started a game that I never thought about.

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Nahange Abi S01E14

nahang abi episode 14 It’s still not clear to us who is the higher hand in the blue whale game. The only thing we can see is that vertebratees such as Dr. Khaleqi, Bahman, Anahita and Pegah have each been temporarily or permanently removed from the game, and new vertebras such as psychiatrist Pegah clinic and Armin’s mother, who is the head of a branch of the bank. Enter the game.

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serial nahang abi ghesmat 14
nahang abi ghesmat 14

Armin’s mother is at work with suggestions and pressures to accept suspicious loans, which is still unclear what is the connection of these loans with the currents her son is undergoing.

nahang abi part 14 The game of the blue whale is constantly becoming more complicated and more difficult, and at any moment it is pregnant with a new incident and the elimination of one of the vertebrae.

serial nahang abi part 14

download serial nahang abi 14
nahang abi 14

Still, you can not be certain that the events in the past two episodes have already been projected in the script, or rumor that Leila Hatami’s separation from the series is true, and the rotations in the story are the same.

nahang abi ghesmat 14 Nevertheless, the producers of Blue whale last week were silent about the rumor and only published the photo of Leila Hatami on the cover of this part of the collection!