serial nahang abi part 16 | سریال نهنگ آبی قسمت 16

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serial nahang abi part 16 | سریال نهنگ آبی قسمت 16

nahang abi episode 16 | سریال نهنگ آبی قسمت 16

serial nahang abi part 16

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When is the first-hand film to be one of the most important directors of Iranian cinema: Nasser Daghahi. A rigorous and rigorous filmmaker who draws on every genre and film model that he has laid out in the “Iran Iran” documentary, so that the adaptation of Hemingway’s story of “having and not having” become “Composer of the Sun” brings a long.
danlode nahang abi 16 “Relaxation in the presence of others” is the first demonstration film made before the Islamic Revolution, which made it possible to tap Venice.

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(با ای پی خارجی وارد شوید اگر صفحات باز نمی شود)

The film, based on the adaptation of the story of Gholam Hossein Sa’edi with the same name and from the collection of “Anonymous Wraths and Badges”, was archived after a limited show at the Shiraz Art Festival, and after four years, finally in 1972, in Tehran’s Capri Cinema Displayed and highly welcomed by audiences and critics, but with the protest of the community of nurses, the show stopped forever. Benim tatli 7

nahang abi 16 In the same story of the seizure and filmmaking of the film, it is possible to see the sharply critical political and social positions of Nasser Dahbali to the status quo. This is perhaps the most important point of the film during the transition from time to time, that it was clear from the very beginning that Nasser Gholami is not only a very serious director who is a politician or, in other words, a sociologist, beyond cinema. Political and social strains are detectable in all of his later films.

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serial nahang abi episode 16
nahang abi episode 16

“Composer of the Sun” along with “Kando” and “Qaisar” can be considered the most important and best films in the history of Iranian cinema, which, of course, is more like a classic cinema than any other film throughout Iranian cinema, and is completely similar to the classical film structures.

And the film’s appearance also brings the same magnificence and savitability of classical Hollywood productions.

nahang abi episode 16 The combination of the dark and dark universe of Hemingway’s novel with the climate and the cultural and geographic features of this land created a unique and unique world that could maintain its loyalty to the source of adaptation, as well as propagandize its American and passionate morale as the captain of the sun Iranian spectator easily adapts to him and knows the captain himself.

Nahange Abi S01E16
Nahange Abi S01E16

serial nahang abi part 16 “The Composer of the Sun” is the result of a strong understanding of the political and social conditions of Iran during the years of the Islamic Revolution and the zeal of film filmmaking itself, which, as it turns out, has learned the cinema from classical films.

What transforms the “Composer of the Sun” into such a special film is the complete collapse of it.

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serial nahang abi ghesmat 16
nahang abi ghesmat 16

Narratives, geography, choices of actors, concise dialogues and the relationship between characters and, most importantly, between Captain and Balkh, all have been paid in relative balance with each other, and together they have transformed the “Composer of the Sun” into an indissoluble whole, this unity One that can be found in less than one other Iranian film, and can be reversed in the less experienced and less cinematic directing experience.

serial nahang abi part 16

But what leads to this hypocrisy? In relation to Nasser, one can respond to the overwhelming obsession in the work and the same perfectionist spirit, which can not yield a quality lower than it once imagined, and this leaves the hard film, such as “paperless”.

nahang abi ghesmat 16 Let’s start with a narrative from behind the scenes of his film. A friend from the background of the documentary, “O Iran,” defined one of the seemingly undesirable plans of the film, the ghost played for about three hours with the direction of one of the elements of the scene, and changed it to a centimeter to get the desired image (and this, in spite of When Ahmad Shamloo and Aida came to see him on the scene of filming, he did not accept the middle ground to distract his focus and go down to see his old friend, where is the last seriousness?)