serial nahang abi part 17 | سریال نهنگ آبی قسمت 17

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serial nahang abi part 17 | سریال نهنگ آبی قسمت 17

nahang abi episode 17 | سریال نهنگ آبی قسمت 17

serial nahang abi part 17

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Amin Hayyi is one of the actors of the familiar and, of course, indecent Iranian cinema. Actor who was one of the most celebrated stars of the day in the 1980s, playing many films and turning a lot of viewers into cinema.

danlode nahang abi 17 The first role-playing role of the first role in the film “The Red Apples of Eve” (1999), which was shown several years earlier, but after that, Hui became the youngest film director of the year, and in 2002, playing in six films The “troublesome”, “Manny and Neda”, “Mons”, “Etheri”, “Yellow Rose” and “Smell of Paradise” went on screen in Tehran and was a record-breaking chip. But one has to admit that the wrong choice has been made during the work. In his work, he comes up with many films that have a very poor quality and a high level of work in those years when the star was very low.

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serial nahang abi part 17 In the late eighties, when he starred in the movie “The Night” in the role of a “Crystal Simorgh” soldier in the 86th year, he became obsessed with the lack of news. In recent years, she returned to the screen with the “Fire” and was re-exposed to public audiences by participating in the “New Age” television program. This time, however, it was not like a passionate young man in the early eighties, who, like a mature man, is coming to the middle age of his life.
On the pretext of his birth, we have reviewed the best and worst performances in the two separate notes.

nahang abi 17Charlatan can easily be at the top of the list. The movie, which is one of the worst movies ever made by Amin Hayyi, is also worse than the movie itself! Most of the nerves in the charlatan game seem to be excessive exaggeration that they want to laugh at the audience, but they are not only very cynical that make him cramp. A film that is very nonsensical and insensitive to the perception of the audience and that it has played a role is not surprising at all.

serial nahang abi S01E17

serial nahang abi episode 17
nahang abi episode 17

The role he plays here is an exaggerated and very weak and unnecessary specimen of the character he once played in the coma, and in Charlemagne, he is the only immitator of the imitation, and hands down a handful of it. This model is a kid who wears a hat for all, and a glamorous game has already been played by him, and the other viewer is not the buyer of this version. This amount of exaggeration and typing even brings him back.

nahang abi episode 17 It is still the first failure to attend such a movie. Iran’s cinema has never been horrified by the tradition of the horror film and the genre, and the result is, of course, ridiculous and very badly watered out, whenever requested by the genre of Glovez.
In the late 1970s and early 1980s, Thin Yagari and the youths, who generally described the story of a young girl and young boy and their problems, had been watching Iranian cinema and ghosting the cinema.

Nahange Abi S01E17
Nahange Abi S01E17

serial nahang abi part 17 The exchange of youthful films about the modern relationships between girls and boys And the consequences. Of course, the general public had a very low technical quality and, even in the definition of their story, they were very lucid, in other words, they did not smell much of their cinema and aesthetics, mostly due to the apparent themes and images of the association of girls and boys in the society that exposed the reformists’ time. They were welcomed by public audiences. (Similar to today’s comedy and cinema story of Iran)

nahang abi ۱۷

nahang abi ghesmat 17
nahang abi ghesmat 17

Now combining these superficial youth films with horror genre has made Darius create a “Rose Yellow” catastrophe culture. Amin Khayyi plays the role of a rich and luckless kid and, of course, a fool who is really hard on his screen. Particularly that he insists on each of these negative characteristics of the character with a double exuberance, which makes it more difficult to tolerate the film and personality.

serial nahang abi part 17

“Good-bye Bride” by Kadhem Right was one of the best-selling films of Iran in 1382. Of course, now and after time, the “Good-bye Bride” can be considered one of Perth and Platerine and the most despicable comedy films of all periods of Iranian cinema history, which can not even bring a smile on the face of the audience.

nahang abi ghesmat 17 This amount of filmmaking, filmmaking, and filmmaking is how to shape the cartoons and fantasy relationships in a comedic film and combine them with the usual joke of incredible days. Amin Hayyi plays the role of a doodle girl who, with goggles and curly hair, is supposed to be clever and unusual in his genius, but a doodle does not come out of work that, before work, is the product of a poorly written screenwriter in personality.