Serial nahang abi part 20 | سریال نهنگ آبی قسمت 20

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serial nahang abi part 20 | سریال نهنگ آبی قسمت 20

nahang abi episode 20 | سریال نهنگ آبی قسمت 20

serial nahang abi part 20

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خرید قانونی نهنگ آبی 20


Mehdi Naderi, director of Samurai in Berlin, has been in Iran since the late and late 1970s. He has grown from the artist’s family, grew up from the childhood in the artistic arena and family of the artist, and in his early years in the cinema almost everyone has worked; from the stage design, compilation to the sounding and composing, and as the children of the cinematic landscapes of the scene The experience of being behind the scenes of different works has made the film well known.

danlode nahang abi 20 About the young couple’s life that is on the brink of middle age and their new understanding of this new era of life, and they want to end their common life, but the ill-tempered mother of Morteza living in the northern city and the return of the sister of Mina from abroad after a long time And it is unexpectedly in the process of this separation.

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serial nahang abi part 20 What makes Canaan so close to the real world around us is in the first place in the movie script, which is the product of Mani Haghighi and Asghar Farhadi. The previous collaboration of these two people in the screenplay of “Wednesday’s Ashes” Asghar Farhadi, as a result of which was one of the best films of the cinema of those years, but the effect Farhadi had on the script “Canaan” seems deeper and more functional. Just compare it with previous true films such as “Workers Working” or its later works such as “Simple Reception.”

nahang abi 20 Films that are more than cinematic influenced by the lessons of Philosophy of True Maine during their studies in philosophy at universities like McGill and Gulff. The blockbuster films of Eastern Europe, which are more than cinema-makers looking for philosophical questions and answers.

serial nahang abi S01E20

serial nahang abi episode 20
nahang abi episode 20

“Canaan”, among all the works of the true Mani, is the only work that is closer to the cinema than anything else. You might think that the “Dragon arrives” is one of the most productive and most intimidating movies you’ve ever seen in Iranian cinema, you just think so! On a visual scale, “The Dragon Is Entered” can be considered one of the most colorful and most cinematic Iranian cinematic films.

nahang abi episode 20 which combines memorable music and exciting filming of quality excellence beyond any other film and form, but when it comes to cinema Let’s talk about a particular form of intimidating and sophisticated forms?

With this account, what would be the task of the classic American cinematic films, which at the same time visualized the perfect cinema? How much does the story really tie to the cinema? Whether you like the storyteller’s cinema or you can not separate the story from the cinematic nature.

Nahange Abi S01E20
Nahange Abi S01E20

serial nahang abi part 20 Even the most bizarre films, even Tarkovsky’s works, have their own special features, although they have removed the story in the usual definition we are aware of.The superiority of the “Canaan” to other works of the real manifestation of storytelling is more influenced by Asghar Farhadi’s view than Mani Haghighi. “Canaan” engages you in a similar “al-‘Ali” and “rare separation” similitude rather than reminding you of “simple reception”.

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nahang abi ghesmat 20
nahang abi ghesmat 20

A world whose concern is humans and what happens in their relationship to each other – a more humane attitude than any other true film in which people are just like chess pieces to make the director look at the challenges he poses. “Canaan” is about relationships and people.

serial nahang abi part 20

About the lost relationship of two people who are affected by the presence of two other people in their lives, they reach a new frontier, and the people of the story achieve a new maturity in their relationship during the course of the relationship. The apparent evolution of the movement from the first point to the final point of the film is what Morteza, Mina, her sister and Ali, beyond the characters of the film, turn into real people who are not just two-dimensional images of meat and blood. Of course, this does not mean the rejection of philosophical challenges in cinematic works, but at what cost and in what space?

nahang abi ghesmat 20 What a real Mani is raw in his first two pseudo-intellectual films, “Abadan” and “Workers”, and in his remaining works after “Canaan” continues to exaggerate it, is a philosophically deceptive game, and in fact The runaway is about to cover up the concepts, flaws and holes of the films with the complication. Inevitably, in this way, the real man will be captured more and more day by day with intelligence and visual collages to make films special and important. “The dragon comes in.” Though a hundred times more attractive, more interesting and more attractive than Canaan, the film is a graceful replica, a mirage or something that is not original.