Serial nahang abi part 24 | سریال نهنگ آبی قسمت 24

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serial nahang abi part 24 | سریال نهنگ آبی قسمت 24

nahang abi episode 24 | سریال نهنگ آبی قسمت 24

nahang abi part 24

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خرید قانونی نهنگ آبی 24


In the series “I Am the Night” directed by Patty Jenkins, Fana Hoodle (played by Indiana Aisle) seeks information about her real mother, and in this way a reporter named Jay Singletary (played by Chris Payne) He helps.

danlode nahang abi 24 He reaches for clues related to the suspect of the Black Dahlia, Dr. George Hoodle (played by Jefferson Table).

Ted Bundy’s depiction of True crime as his relationship. J. Simpson has a twenty-four hour news cycle – although both existed before these people were tried before the judiciary and publicly, each of them created an unpleasant surprise that changed our minds about them. Is.

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serial nahang abi part 24 The why and how of each man is vastly different from that of another. But they share two common qualities that are lacking in today’s world: they are charismatic and attractive.

nahang abi 24 “Conversation with a Killer: Teddy Bonds Tapes” is a multi-part review of the atrocities the world has taken on an attractive man.

None of the people in this series have made any explicit mention of this, but this is often expressed in the form of disbelief and anger over what seems to be.

serial nahang abi S01E24

serial nahang abi episode 24
nahang abi episode 24

In “I Am the Night” I have a man who beheads his victims, and takes some of them to places where they can go back in the future and burst into their wrecking bodies. Transgress.

nahang abi episode 24 But his smiling eyes and his sense of humor made the police feel comfortable leaving him in spaces where their security was not fully in place so he could escape and hide from the Colorado Hills for days.

Nahange Abi S01E24
Nahange Abi S01E24

serial nahang abi part 24 In Florida, he was able to persuade a greedy judge to give him more favorable, dedicated media outlets that could help him reshape what had been a chain of convictions for murder and rape into a successful sports season.

Sam Sheridan has written a screenplay of “I Am the Night” based on an imaginary version of Fana’s biography using Payne’s character and the case of Black Dalia, thus narrating a story about family lust and madness that leads to the replacement of a mystery search with the unveiling Becomes another secret.

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nahang abi ghesmat 24
nahang abi ghesmat 24

And when you realize that the main issue is Fana’s strange and dangerous state, you are deep enough to be indifferent to the end of the story.

Jenkins’ directing allows Payne to fill all the holes and shortcomings in “I Am the Night,” while Aisley’s glorious silence conveys the threat of Hoodel’s madness.

serial nahang abi part 24

serial nahang abi part 24

All in all, the final version and what the audience is watching is not a breathtaking series of catchy, nail-biting visuals, and one is so dirty noir that it doesn’t necessarily shed new and exciting light on this old mystery.

nahang abi ghesmat 24 But “I Am the Night” has succeeded in highlighting the best of the talents that have been part of recreating it, and has proven that with enough time, even the cruel effects of man can be presented in a fun way.

A teenager is looking for his real family. A pale and tired reporter is looking for relief. Both of them are one of the most notorious killers of the twentieth century. The killer of the Black Dalia, they come across. Their story is set in the mini-series “I Am the Night”, directed by Wonder Woolman director Patty Jenkins and starring Chris Payne.