serial nahang abi part 25 | سریال نهنگ آبی قسمت 25

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serial nahang abi part 25 | سریال نهنگ آبی قسمت 25

nahang abi episode 25 | سریال نهنگ آبی قسمت 25

nahang abi part 25

danlod nahang abi 26

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خرید قانونی نهنگ آبی 25


We all know the series of “fast and violent” movies depicting personal relationships and teamwork alongside illegal street racing. “Fast and Furious” means unique games alongside spectacular action scenes. You might expect a similar work from the new spin-off of this series, Hobbes & Shaw’s Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw.

danlode nahang abi 25 The first difference of this spinoff from the main series is the presence of Dwayne Johnson in the role of Hobbes and Jason Statham in the role of Shaw.

The audience will even watch the movie even if they see each other together. The other difference is the chasing and escaping of a different style, the seemingly unbelievable computer special effects, the close and unusual battles and the many dialogues between the two main characters.

Trailer serial nahang abi part 25

serial nahang abi part 25 What particularly distinguishes Hobbes and Shaw from previous films is its reliance on the “family” mood.

nahang abi 25 The film begins with a scene from MI4 Hattie’s (Vanessa Kirby) on a mission to acquire a deadly virus that has the potential to destroy humanity.

In the same mission, the superstar Brixton (Idris Elba) is sent by the black organization Etienne, which produced the virus, to retrieve the virus.

serial nahang abi S01E25

serial nahang abi episode 25
nahang abi episode 25

In an attempt to save the world, the hatchery enters its own body and takes hours to reach a safe place and remove the virus, otherwise the end of the world will come sooner than we expected.

nahang abi episode 25 When Brixton and his companions kill all members of the Hattie team, Hattie gets into a stupendous car, and this is where the stunning car chase begins on the streets of London.

Nahange Abi S01E25
Nahange Abi S01E25

serial nahang abi part 25 Following the events, the CIA sends Hobbes and Shaw as a team to find Hatie and the virus. But there are many problems, with Eaton having news agencies and spreading false news that Hattie, Hobbes and Shaw are traitors to humanity and should be prevented at all costs.

The mission of our heroes is to remove the device that can destroy Virus from Eaton’s headquarters. Then they have to find a safe place to get rid of the virus and eventually fight Eton, Brixton and a group of people.

nahang abi ۲۵

nahang abi ghesmat 25
nahang abi ghesmat 25

Car chases, motorcycles, helicopters, face-to-face battles, ten-in-one situations, an inevitable cyborg and a limited time of what to expect in Hobbes and Shaw. Hobbes & Shaw is literally an action movie.

One of the reasons for this film’s success is Leach’s extensive experience in the field. The director used his experience in John Wake’s first film to make Hobbes and Shaw’s campaign more realistic. Leach has even brought a piece of “Atomic Blonde” in the middle of his new film.

serial nahang abi part 25

serial nahang abi part 25

“Hobbes and Shaw have a lot of positive points. Johnson’s timing and appeal to film humor are as accurate as their action moves. Elba has also played a wonderful game of his own (chasing and escaping his incredible car in London I can’t even describe).

nahang abi ghesmat 25 Kirby also fights well in many scenes. Certainly we have a two-hour drop in this film, especially on the third screen in Samoa, which focuses on family relationships for a long time.

But the action is well compensated by an action scene with a helicopter and a few trucks. Eventually the two main characters realize that they have to work as a team and the sad part is that we will never see them again.