serial nahang abi part 8 | سریال نهنگ آبی قسمت 8

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serial nahang abi part 8 | سریال نهنگ آبی قسمت 8

serial nahang abi part 8 coming soon

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nahang abi ۸

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The rise in serial production by prominent Iranian cinemas for the home screening network has been increasing significantly over the past year, with many prominent actors and directors entering the field with a steep pace.

Among the names of the names that came to the home entertainment network, the “Blue Whale” was more than the other because it was the name of Fereydoun Jirani as director, and in front of the camera were also featured actors such as Leila Hatami whose first appearance in A series of home network displays.

The “Blue Whale” series began its work with a strange outreach, with Paparazzi’s adventures with the creators of the series, which seemed to be a lot of propaganda, and increased attention to the series.

Now, after the release of the series, one can examine the effect and see if Fereydoun Jirani’s first experience in the field of serialization has been successful.

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The story is about a character called Armin Mashreqi (played by Saed Soheyli). One of the popular poets of Fereydoun Jirani during his filmmaking career, which can be traced in all his major works, from “red” to “salad season”. Armin is an IT specialist and has the ability to hack into computers.

His acquaintance with a girl (Mahour Alvand) makes Armin’s foot open to a large company whose activities are suspiciously carried out, which also makes Armin’s relaxed life influenced …

serial nahang abi S01E08

serial nahang abi part 8
nahang abi episode 8

Fereydoun Jirani is one of the few filmmakers in Iran who has not lost a significant decline during his career and has always taken a safe path.

By mastering the works produced from compilation to even music, Jirani proved to be a credible name for the Iranian cinema audience.

But maybe this is the first time that he has directed a work that has a profound weakness in all parts of the world, so that even occasionally we look at the titles to make sure that the creator of the “blue whale” is Fereydoun Jirani.

Serial Jirani is a mix of world-class films and series, including “Mr. Robot” with Rammy Malik. An acclaimed series that brought many awards to his creators. In the Blue Whale series, Jirani shapes the character’s main character based on the “Robot’s” serial hero and introduces him as a hackney that is supposed to be in trouble.

But the serial tale is so modest and lacking in logic that it can be followed by some. Instead of the story being slowly formed and the audience gradually becoming familiar with the serials, one by one in one part, a lot of information is provided to the audience, without paying attention to the fact that the story should have its natural course And the audience enters into the filmmaking world with a gentle shadow.

nahang abi ۸

serial nahang abi part 8
nahang abi ghesmat 8

This big mistake has caused the serial characters to not have the opportunity to pay and are completely one-dimensional.

The main character of the story, Armin, is a passive young man who does not have the ability to accompany the audience and Fereydoun Jirani introduces him under any circumstances, the most ignorant person in front of the camera! For his payment, the filmmaker has a half-look at the movie “Baby Driver” and even his father’s character is also derived from the film. Other personality characters do not have a better status than Armin.

The process of forming their relationship with each other is accelerated and rushed to make the story weak.

serial nahang abi part 8

serial nahang abi part 8
nahang abi 8

In the meantime, you should not forget the technical problems of the “blue whale” series. There are a lot of bugs in the production of the series. There are some problems in parts of the soundtrack, and the dialogs are not good enough, and in some of the sequences there are strange and unbelievable video mistakes! In the scenes from the series, which Armin is hacking, the images portrayed on his laptop are depicted with the most sophisticated special effects techniques, so that even the most up-to-date computer user will notice these strange bugs. . Perhaps, in order to solve this problem, the presence of an IT consultant appeared to be necessary among the creators.