Texas 2-Tegzas 2 Iranian Comedy

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Texas 2 The Sequel of the Iranian comedy

Texas 2 is the type of Iranian films that can reach to the second or third episode. There are obvious similarities between all of those films. These films are full of erotic jokes and based on two fool characters. Another factor that can increase the number of sold tickets is using political highlights of the current period.

Texas 2

The Duo Derkhashani/Jamshidi

The duo Derkhashani/Jamshidi started their cooperation in the movie ”Pejman”. ”Pejman” is a story of real character Pejman Jamshidi played by Pejman Jamshidi himself. Here Jamshidi is a retired football player in search of a new club. During his football career, Jamshidi wasn’t an important highlighted player. He was always ignored. His successes in cinema as an actor is more than his successes in soccer He also released some music albums. 

Texas 2

His success in cinema is due to the marketing team. They advertised him well. The screenplay Pejman followed other patterns of Ghasemkhanis brothers works. It’s a humiliated character and people laugh at his misery. “Pejman” tv series, their first cooperation in cinema was sold successfully. “Khoob, bad, Jelf” was their first comedy. Here Pejman Jamshidi defines as an actor and former soccer player. Here the pattern changes and becomes like ”Dumb and Dumber”. 

Texas 2 Watch Full Teaser

In the teaser of the Texas 1, you can hear the names of many Iranian and foreign politicians. Or some hot political news of that time. Actually, the marketing team abuses these events.  They use so-called political taboos to earn more money. By using the absence of ”Rahman 1400” and decreasing attention to “Metri Shishonim” ”Texas 2” is the best selling Persian movie of this week.

Director Masoud Atyabi produced 12 films in his career. Before ”Texas 1” and ”Texas 2” he worked on other types of comedies such as ”Khooroos Jangi” and ‘Sharte Aval”. But those were family comedies, despite Texas 1 and 2 which are about brotherhood. Before Texas 1 and 2, Khurus Jangi brought more success to him. The main characters go to Brazil. This is where the marketing team uses the presence of a foreigner woman without hijab. This makes the movie more attractive to the Iranian audience.

Texas 2

The movies “Metry Shishonim”, ”Chahar Angosht”, ”Zendaniha”,” Pishooni Sefid” and ”Zhene Khook” are other films of this week. Except for the movie “Metry Shisonim” and somehow “Pishoni Sefid” all of them are comedies have the same pattern and are full of similarities. For example, the duo Ezzati/Jafari in ”Chahar Angosht” goes to Thailand and Cambodia to other foreign countries which are famous in erotism.

Texas 1 and Texas 2 what will happen

Demonstration of Texas 2 made Saeed Soheili director of ”Zhene Khook”.

Masoud Atyabi raised as ideological Islamist director. His first work “Masaeb Dushizeh” (calamities of a maiden) was about Christian girl who is in doubt to marry with a Muslim boy or the Christian one. This film was unsuccessful in different aspects.

After this success, he changes his approach and starts working on comedies.

Before ”Texas 2” he made ”Mah Gereftegi”.”Mah Gereftegi” was the movie that pays attention to the events after the 2009 presidential election in Iran. This opportunistic movie declined even by his supporters. After the absolute disaster of “Mah Gereftegi” he made the first episode of Texas. it was a great fly for him. ”Texas” became the third well-selling movie of that year. It’s easy to predict that ”Texas 2” would be the in top ten of this year.

Texas 2

Sam Derakhshani started his career as a figure of a young man in love with green eyes. But after a while, Mohammad Reza Golzar and other actors overshadowed on him and he’d never been first man superstar. Most of his works were on television and he was an actor on television. By passing time he changed his figure as a comedian. In this new figure, his rebirth had done.

How Thes Second Part was Made

All of the films mentioned above are the greatest success of Pejman Jamshidi in the cinema or even his whole life.  In his life as an actor, many dark points can be seen. The movie “Sharaf Khanevadeh Fazel” was a weak copy of the movie Two men and half. his performance as a doctor was disaster there. It can be guessed movies like Texas are the only ways for Jamshidi to be on top of Iranian movies and blockbusters.

Reaching the second episode for a movie is not something usual in Iranian films. It started one decade ago with the movie ”Ekhrajiha”. ”Ekharjiha’s ” second episode was more successful than the first one. But for the third episode, everything was different. Despite the movie (”Majaraye Nimrooz”) all of the films which reached their second episodes were comedies.

Producing second episodes happens in two conditions.

  • When the first episodes reaches a high number of selling.
  • When the government and political funds support the movie.

But there is one similarity between both of the movies are suffering from lack of creativity.

It seems that the only way to achieve more than 20 billions of selling is making comedies.

Texas gained the second phase of demonstration in the Iranian new year’s calendar.

Texas 2

The golden period of demonstration for Irani movies is Nowruz (Iranian new years ceremony and holidays). But it’s like a gamble many films such as “Zhene Khook” or “Zenadniha” thought that their reach to the top of the list. But right now it is an absolute disaster for them.

Texas is also a lucky film because of ”Rahman  1400” elimination from demonstration make more fortune and opportunity for them. They took more time and place for their demonstration. But Atyabi says the amount of selling is less than their prediction and it proves that they have their fans.