Zhene Khook Persian Movie (Pig’s Gene)

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Saeed Soheili and His Work

From the very beginning of his filmmaking Saeed Soheili showed that the pulse of the spectator was known and could make general-purpose films and sell them. He tried to leave that field and began to make films in the sacred defense genre. But after making several works, he again turned to comedy films. Soheili was able to put his name in his tongues with the help of works like Guidance. His film for long time was the best-selling film in the history of cinema. He is now back with the Zhene Khook. A movie that tries to shovel, and to reach Nail and Saeed Soheili along it to a bulge of his filmmaking era.

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 Zhene Khook Iranian Film

I was Sometimes laughing, sometimes crying. Zhebe Khook is just an allegory of the work that Soheili tried to use in with help of drama and  comedy. By keeping this balance, he has progressed so much that even in the soundtrack by Mohsen Chavoshi, he also brings a cute word in a melody and sad poem. And plays with censorship. But has the director been able to come close to this request. Are all the funny and sad moments of the movie are same or the two-tone of the movie has been damaged? Another funny movie is Chahar Angosht. But the diffrence of Zhene Khook and Chahar Anghosht is that it’s just a simple comedy.

The story is about two prisoners Emad Cat (Sina Mehrad) and Reza Kishmish (Hadi Hejazi Far). For some reason they are imprisoned. Each of them have their own personal reasons to escape from prison. But as the story progresses, the audience finds out that the escape of these two goes back to Aghazadeh. Reza Kishmish is scheduled to perform a mission to Aghazadeh. And Emad Cat plays an essential role on this mission, which he does not know for himself. Emad just wants to go to the fish (his fiancée with Nazanin Bayati) and with He escapes from Tehran.

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The Acting in zhene khuk

Saeed Soheili featured in role-playing part in Zhene Khook. And despite Saba’s daughter and son who do not have any experience in acting, has could make an actor from both of these two children. Both of them were able to pull out their water, but they did not appear brilliant. In fact, they had a lot to do with the actor and starring. Sina Mehrad appeared in the Father’s Serial and in Zhene Khook. Although he plays better, he still can not take the whole time on a film. In fact, the presence of Hadi Hejazi Farf along with Mehrad make his play not to retreat. And the couple have been able to create good chemistry together.

Hadi Hejazifar is, however, as always ungrateful. And with Hejazi Far, films such as the Lottery and the Adventure of Nimroz, are different from Earth to the sky. He gives him a modest game. And when we see that Nazanin Bayati can not fit into the game. We can find the main problems in characterizing these characters. The main problem that has hit the entire film and part of the screenplay’s weakness.

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The Pig’s Gene

The presence of Jamshid Hashempour is short and meaningless. And the passing of him is one of the moments in where the rhythm of the film is completely out of the hands of the director.

The subject of Zhene Khook is on the fresh and hot topics. And the human disgust of the genes that glean in cyberspace and ridicule people make it a film.

Soheili uses this popular disgust towards good genes. But he misuses the work so far as to introduce the solution to these guys. And he does not leave any other solution to the audience. In the meantime, she can not reproduce the good genes of her film and make them a memorable negative character. Nor can he can make a hero (or perhaps better to say anti-heroes) a memorable character. Soheili’s characterization is superficial, just like the astrophysical script that may look strong in appearance and superficial look. If you pay a little bit attention, you will see that it’s full of cavity and difficulty that has no logic.

Zhene Khook movie
Zhene Khook movie

فیلم ژن خوک

The pig gene movie is a combination of a drama and comedy. This made it possible to become a potion of an appropriate size. The film can really appear in some breathtaking moments, and in some scenes, it can also smile or flee the audience. But at all times, the stupid sense of immersion in the minds of the audience is overwhelmed by the fact that the story is too frayed. And the audience can not overdo the film Soheili

The slogans that accompany the film’s dialogues once again showcase the director’s interest in Kimia-style dialogues. And sometimes the chanting of the film takes on a sharp smell and color. It does not appeal to the audience.

jene khook
jene khook

Zhene Khook The Script

With all these fundamental and endless speculations of the pig genetic script, Soheili rightly advanced in the technical discussions and still managed to show a good director. His selection of mosque and filming sequences is right, and the soundtrack has made these scenes more beautiful. The director will keep the film’s pace up to two-thirds of the original film, and as the movie finishes approaching, it gradually drops the direction of the film, and drowns the ship that hastily pushed into the midst of the sea, along with all the factors. Chavoshi’s song ends in a very beautiful film on the flawed story.

film irani zhene khook
film irani zhene khook

The pig gene movie is better than the current one, and in Saeed Soheili’s book, it is a very minor improvement, but there are still some better choices among the works of Nowruz. Of course, if you insist on seeing a movie with a comedic flavor, you can count on the pig gene to some extent, and along with the adventures of Shlum, you will laugh and laugh and cry, and if you reduce your stiffness, take pleasure from the movie.